Thoughts about Our Thoughts and Our Subconscious

  Imagine rummaging through the attic and coming across an old, wooden chest. Not recognizing it, you pry open the heavy lid. After clouds of dust scatter, you peer into the chest. You’re puzzled by what you see: seeds. Thousands and thousands of seeds of every imaginable type. Some smaller than a grain of sand, … Continue reading “Thoughts about Our Thoughts and Our Subconscious”

User’s Guide for the Brain

I’m not picking my nose; I’m pointing to my brain I thought I would start off on a humorous note with my opening sentence, but there is nothing funny about the subject for today, which is our brain. Of course, our brain is a great gift. For example, it allows me to write this article … Continue reading “User’s Guide for the Brain”

Is This Damaging Your Brain?

I’m sure you’re aware that there are many things that can damage your brain: for example, illness, accidents, injuries, toxins, infections, and medications. But did you know that toxic relationships, stress, dissatisfaction with your job, loneliness, fear or a high level of anxiety, and depression are all factors that can damage your brain as well … Continue reading “Is This Damaging Your Brain?”

The Human Brain is Designed to Help You to…

No, I didn’t forget a key word in the title: I’m asking you to help me complete it by answering the question, “What is the human brain designed to do?” To think…to remember…to make decisions? Yes, the human brain is designed to do all these things. However, you may be surprised to learn that its … Continue reading “The Human Brain is Designed to Help You to…”

Meditation: How to Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind

Recently, I was asked a very interesting question from one of my readers:I know I could try meditation, but how? Do I empty my mind of everything and hope that my conscious mind will come out on top in the end?  Obviously, this reader was confused and had many questions. Some of these questions most … Continue reading “Meditation: How to Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind”

How to Re-write Programs in the Unconscious Mind

Can we easily rewrite the programs in our unconscious mind? No, we can’t.  Is there any way, even though it may be difficult, to rewrite our unconscious programs? Yes, there is. How do we change (re-write) negative behavior or harmful habits programs in our unconscious mind? Through methods such as hypnosis, repetition, or emotional freedom … Continue reading “How to Re-write Programs in the Unconscious Mind”

The Human Mind: Your Most Powerful Tool for Achieving Your Goals

 An old adage tells us, If you can believe it, you can achieve it. I know you’ve heard this old adage many times, but have you ever really stopped to think about what it means? Stay with me…we’ll think about it right now. This is not just one more article about the power of the … Continue reading “The Human Mind: Your Most Powerful Tool for Achieving Your Goals”

The Human Mind: Is It Perfect?

  Is this a weird question? Yes, it is, but I am going to write on this subject anyway. Like many other things in life, the human mind is not perfect. It is, however, very powerful, exceptional, controversial, unlimited, and unpredictable. The mind is powerful in ways both positive and negative. It can protect or … Continue reading “The Human Mind: Is It Perfect?”