Relieving Stress

Do you want to be stress free? There are two types of stress; both have similar effects on the human body: positive (“good”) stress, called eustress (from the Greek “eu,” meaning “well” or “good”), and negative stress (“bad stress”) or distress (“dis” means “not” or the opposite of well). Usually, when we say “stress,” we … Continue reading “Relieving Stress”

Manage Stress

Are YOU Headed for Burnout? By Dr Jill Ammon-WexlerExecutive Advisor© 2005 All Rights Reserved. If lately you’re finding your tasks and responsibilities at work more than you can bear, you may be approaching burnout. Burnout is not an imaginary condition that’s all in your mind. It’s a very real mental and physiological condition caused by … Continue reading “Manage Stress”

Media Related Stress

For many years I have been thinking of the connection between stress and the headlines in the media. As a person who wants to be stress free, anxiety free and positive, I have written this article for people who feel the same way. I have done some research and here’s what I learned: The media … Continue reading “Media Related Stress”

Distressed by stress?

Many are distressed by the pervasiveness of stress, and for good reason. For it is not lack of exercise, poor eating habits, or artery-clogging cholesterol that is the major cause of heart attacks and strokes. No, the major culprit is stress. In fact, according to The American Institute of Stress (, 75 ~ 90% of … Continue reading “Distressed by stress?”