How do we develop character?

Chuck Gallozzi

Chuck Gallozzi lived, studied, and worked in Japan for 15 years, immersing himself in the wisdom of the Far East and graduating with B.A. and M.A. degrees in Asian Studies. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner, speaker, seminar leader, and coach. Corporations, church groups, teachers, counsellors, and caregivers use his more than 400 articles as a resource to help others. Among his diverse accomplishments, he is also the Grand Prix Winner of a Ricoh International Photo Competition, the Canadian National Champion of a Toastmasters International Humorous Speech Contest, and the Founder and Head of the Positive Thinkers Group that has been meeting at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto since 1999. His articles are published in books, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers. He was interviewed on CBC’s “Steven and Chris Show,” appearing nationally on Canadian TV. Chuck can be contacted at View his photography at

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  1. Great Article!
    Good Job!

  2. Michael says:

    Yea, well put together. Good stuff…

  3. Calvin says:


  4. Joanne C. says:

    Integrity and personal character should be incorporated into the primary/secondary classrooms today for such is not being taught at home unfortunately. Back in the ’80s I enrolled at the university level in an ethics course and my advisor tried gearing me towards a different course altogether, saying being didn’t need such teachings any longer -> I totally disregarded this advisor when it came to enjoying this class and learned much from it.

  5. Joanne C. says:

    Excellent article…we need to teach integrity and character in primary and secondary classrooms everywhere nowadays. The moral fiber of young folks today is sinking at a spiraling rate.

  6. Rachel Gallegos says:

    Well written article, I hope a lot of folks can read this and benefit from the excellent information and analogies.

  7. ravikiran says:

    thankx for the information it will help me building up my christian charater and whith jesus

  8. Edwin says:

    thanks for the information,i m trying hard to build up my character.i appreciate it a lot.This is how to be a real successful people in this real world. Hope everyone get to read this awesome article.

  9. Samantha A. says:

    Very well written article. It is sad and frightening at same time existing in todays society, watching, participating…then the awakening… That not only is there such a lack of character & integrity in todays world, much more than we realize such qualities are NOT being taught early in our homes and our schools. By the time this youth reaches young adulthood they don’t even know what these things are let alone attempting to build on them! It’s sad but so true…there should be more sites like these up in our homes & schools instead of the day to day garbage our kids are viewing now. Scary thinking about the future.

  10. Helen says:

    I really enjoyed this insightful and well-written article. I find it sad that character is completely overshadowed by artifice in today’s society. Building character requires tireless self-awareness and much inner strength, among other qualities. I feel the latter has far greater, and enduring, currency in the world because, when the chips are down, we’ll need people with formidable character to guide us through.

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