How Powerful Do you Believe You Are?

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    Hello my friends in growth. I have a question as I have noticed a trend, a slow change in the delivery of information around the topic of creating life, manifesting.

    I love to read older books. Although I don't know what life was like for authors its seems to me writing a book wasn't the in thing it is today. To me writing a book prior to the age of technology lets say late 60's give or take 20 years was not just something that was done just as a free gift or some type of career credibility.

    With that being said when you go back into the books written in the first 50 years of the 1900's on this topic i.e Wallace Wattles, Neville... You will notice the further you go back the less the physical action steps are emphasized in the process.

    As you read forward in time the balance has shifted to a heavy focus on taking action to make things happen. One early 1900's authored even hinted at this transition. She mentioned as I loosely quote, the story of Jesus and his feeding of a large group of people by multiplying enough fish and bread for a few people instantly into enough to feed thousands. She noted that he did not go door to door asking the wealthy to donate and he did not set a goal to feed many then go fish and catch a lot. Instead he used the power of mind and believe to manifest instant and directly out of the formless space of the world.

    It's interesting to think about the total power we humans are capable of. I'd love to hear some opinions? Here are some questions to ponder?

    Could humans at one time create without action?
    Is knowledge being suppressed?
    Have external factors hindered our ability to do this?
    Is taking action planted deep into the culture of a corporation ran society?
    Are these just fairy tales being passed down?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has take a shallow or deep dive onto the area of study and please don't be limited by any box I may have placed on this conversation.

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    Well maybe Jesus could but I don't think any ordinary man or woman can manifest material things. I know that shamans can predict the future quite closely and we can do amazing things with our minds like astral projection and lucid dreaming (Where we can manifest things he he he he.) But in this material world mhe I don't think so.

    I don't think knowledge is being suppressed because otherwise we would have seen a viral video or something. It's not like the higher ups can control the flow of information they certainly can tint it heavily but not suppress it completely.

    I think the trend of action steps is pure market demand. People want to know the action steps. We are pragmatic in this society that is pushed by material wealth and personal success.

    What I do believe in is the fact that action steps are not that important. It's all about the vision. If you have such a strong vision for your life you will do anything to find a way. You will find the action steps even if they are not written down and if they are you will probably follow them unlike many other people.
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