Question of Loneliness


Living means three ‘entities’ at play; myself, others and the Source. The Source takes part in the disguised form, the Now.
Therefore the three ‘entities’ at play are myself, others and the Now.

These three ‘entities’ are at play, not in isolation, but in relation.
Therefore, living means these three ‘relationship entities’ at play; relationship with Self, relationship with others, and relationship with the Now.

Relationship with Self and relationship with the Now are at the definition level; they are always there. Relationship with others is at the occurrence level; it may or may not occur.

Living, then, means handling two situations; one where Self is in the Now with others, two where Self is in the Now without others.
In both the cases, where is the question of loneliness?

Loneliness creeps in when we ignore Self in the Now and give heed only to the presence of others. In the absence of others, then we feel lonely. Well, for that matter, when we ignore Self in the Now, we could even feel lonely in the presence of others.
Loneliness, then, is what I feel if I am not able to get connected with the Source. If I am myself, then by default I am connected with the Source.
Therefore, loneliness is what I feel when I am not myself. When I am not myself, I can only be my mind. Therefore, loneliness is what I feel when I identify with my mind. What, thus, defines and determines loneliness is my identity.

If I am identified with myself, there can be no feeling of loneliness even in the absence of others. And if I am identified with mind, there can be feeling of loneliness even in the midst of others.

What is required then is to fix identity with myself.

When I am, I am in the Now. I am present. I am truly and completely connected with the Source. I am in a position to have a true communication with the Source.

Breath is the medium through which I communicate with the Source.
Thus, when I am, my breathing is rhythmic. The inhale, the retention and the exhale of the breathing cycle are rhythmic.

With every inhale, I can feel the grace of the Source. With every retention, I can feel the grace rejuvenating every cell of my body/mind. With every exhale, I can feel myself offering gratitude to the Source.

Loneliness, thus, exists only when we identify ourselves with mind. When we break this identity and regain the true identity with our Self, we can never again feel lonely, with or without the presence of others.

What do you say?