A World Without God

(Information for this essay comes from the following sources: “Who Needs God” by Rabbi Harold Kushner and the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi)

In our frustrations and pains, we become upset with God. We are not sure what is happening to us is His will.man on shore near rock formation Confusion sets in. We sometimes think we would be better without God.

But what would happen if God had never existed? What kind of world would it be like if there were no God?

The non-believers would say there would not be any difference. But most of our values that we cherish originate from our religions.

In a world without God, everything would be the same. Boring. Plain. Drab.  No natural attractions to admire. We would not be awed by life’s beauty. Sunsets, mountains, fall leaves turning colour. 

.In a world without God, every day would be monotonous. The same. You see, there would be no way to distinguish each day. We would not be given the tools to break up the days from the months. The months from the years.   

In a world without God, we would not know how to survive. How to find food. Protect ourselves from the elements.

In a world without God, there would be no struggle for survival. To progress to live for. And no desire for improvement. No desire for a better world. And how we have progressed with our lives from the beginning of time!

In a world without God, we would not become angry at injustices and social wrongs.  You see, we would have no emotions. And we would not know right from wrong.

And we would not correct these wrongs. We would look at them nonchalantly, with apathy. They mean nothing to us.

Or there would be utter chaos. Everyone would prey on the most vulnerable.  It would be survival of the fittest in its worst form

You see, in a world without God, there would be no moral law. Everything would be permitted. No values. No ethics. Nothing.

In a world without God, old people would be seen as a burden instead of being cherished for their wisdom. And people with disabilities would be a strain on our system instead of being people who still have something to offer.  

In a world without God, there would be no justices, no law and order. Some would say it is bad today. But if there were no God, law and order would be non-existent.

In a world without God, there would be no force to lift us up, no force to help us out in our difficult times.

In a world without God, there would be no knowledge on how to preserve life, no knowledge to prevent illnesses. Our lives would be in constant decline, decaying away.

In a world without God, our interest would be self-centred, thinking only about material things. There would be no need for acts like generosity, helpfulness, charity.

In a world without God, there would be no love, only hate and hostility. No faith, only doubt; no hope, only despair; no joy, only sadness.

Finally, in a world without God, there would be no acts of forgiveness and redemption, no second chances especially when we were all in need of such mercy and compassion.

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