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“What a wonderful, inspiring newsletter! Thank you for sending it out.”
– Online Editor of Fun with Success, published monthly in the New Times, Open Line and Online

“I just wanted to say I really enjoy your newsletter. You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!” – Glen Hopkins, Motivational-Messages.Com

“Your newsletter is awesome!” – Brenda L. Jackson

“Thanks for the brilliant ideas. I enjoyed them and I am going to use them in my workshop entitled ‘competency-based self development'” – Moh’d Ishgi

“I really enjoy your newsletter and keep track of all information therein” – Niloufer Perera

“This is one of the very best, best-written, interesting and informative ezines I’ve seen. So glad I subscribed!” – Stephania Munson

“Wow – what an article!…. That article was just so well written and to the point… I have stuck up that sentence “Self-discipline is the mother of Happiness” all over the place. It is my daily affirmation. ” – Robyn Cullis

Sometimes a father can’t find just the right words to say, sometimes he doesn’t know how. Your articles have helped me say those things that need to be said, and as my son and I discuss them, it is much easier to add my own “2 cents worth”. – J.W.

Thank you so much for such inspiration. I always read your articles with a sense of wonder. You seem to be able to touch people so deeply, and I thank you from my heart for your wisdom and clarity. – M.W.

What a great article! No matter how many times I hear this message, I forget; and need the message again and again.- T.H.

wow! …. I feel like I have this wonderful treasure-mentor every time I am fortunate enough to read one of your article-discourses. …. you are touching many lives through your talents and I know it is at a time when so many need your inspired messages. I just had to comment once again………. – D.C.

I have just finished reading your article ” You Can Rise No Higher Than Your Lowest Opinion of Another” . Extraordinary! – Y.

Wow! I read this article in the Personal Development ezine that I subscribe to and I totally loved it! – K.M.

I just wanted to tell you that your article on breaking bad habits is awesome. I’m going to try it and really believe that going through those 7 steps is exactly what I need. – K.S.

I just read “awe” n felt I just had to write to u. It was so beautiful! Thank u for putting yr lovely thoughts down n sharing them – V.M.

I find your articles very uplifting,Thought I’d take a moment to say thanks..Thanks Steve… Joe

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