Excessive Usage of Internet is a Waste

Excessive Usage of Internet is a Waste of Time and a Waste of your PRECIOUS LIFE

In recent times, I have been thinking quite a lot about the negative affects the internet has had on our day to day lives in general not to mention the wonderful advantages and positives that we have out of the same. Of course everything has its pros and cons and there are good things and bad things about each and everything that exists in the world. However, it is of paramount importance that things are dealt with in a balanced manner. Wherever the balance is lost in a situation, it always ends up being more harmful then beneficial. Similar is the case of the internet.

The internet helps us in our daily lives. It more importantly plays a major role and hugely facilitates in our educational and informational endeavors, so much so that we almost cannot think of existing without it. However, with all the great positives associated with this form of advanced technology, there are certain negatives associated that have disastrous consequences on one’s personal life.

The question is..Don’t we all know this? Is it something new and something that we have not heard or read about? The biggest setback is that this is no more a teen related problem. It has now penetrated the lives of people of all ages. Would you believe that even people with grand kids are addicted to the virtual world? Don’t they care about their precious time? Should they not be indulging in things that matter and actually make a difference to their families and the next step after that to be making a difference to the world they live in? Should they not be fighting for a cause that would count towards their good deeds that would save them and all of us from hell? Unfortunately, this is not happening.

In order to refresh our minds remind ourselves of the consequences of the excessive use of the internet; let us go through some major points that we should keep in mind.


One of the most common negatives of excessive internet use is the fact that we become lazy and totally non-social. Everyone is just stuck and glued to their chairs, comfortable sofas and cozy beds playing absolutely nonsense games for hours and hours’ not knowing what is going on around them to an extent where they are totally cut off from their surroundings and the environment they are living in. They become lazy, sometimes so much that they even struggle to even leave and attend to the call of nature. Such is the effect of the misuse of this so called luxury. Please keep in mind that I am only blaming the excessive usage of internet and not that it should be totally avoided. Everything should be done in moderation.


People start neglecting their families, their jobs, their responsibilities, their friends and most importantly themselves and their health. Their families are upset as they almost do not see their beloved family member the whole day just for the fact that they are busy playing some dumb useless game. They spend hours and hours in front of the screen scoring points and winning awards that have nothing to do with real life. They are sitting there all day long watching filthy movies and video clips piling up their sins to an extent that there is no going back. Addiction to the internet and to the virtual world significantly affects your near and dear ones, causing total disbelief and confusion.

No one is stopping you from playing games or watching videos, even I do the same. Just do not overdo it. Think with your mind and see to it that there is a limit to everything.


Sometimes, there is no time left to even give thought to your deteriorating health. One is so negligent and so immersed that they have no idea what they are doing to their precious health. They are sitting all day long with absolutely no exercise. They are putting constant strain on their eyes and teenagers are wearing eye glasses with ridiculously weak eyes and most importantly it is affecting their brains in an extremely negative way.

Reuter reports, “A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet café.” Here is a real example of how people can totally forget everything as this person didn’t care what was happening to him in real life because he was immersed with the online game he was playing.


The addiction to the internet, virtual games and social networking websites day and night is a form of escapism from the realities of life. They are weak people who cannot face the difficulties in life and try to run away from their problems and find ways of abandoning their lives. They should rather leave these pathetic time wasters and stand up and see life eye to eye and defeat the obstacles.


If all of the above is not enough for you to start acting, think about it in religious terms. No religion in the world allows or promotes behavior that has no constructive or productive aspect about it. Yes, it is fine to be not so constructive sometimes and just to take a break from the hectic and busy life that we all live.

The only issue here is of being addicted and such an addiction becomes a useless activity after a short while. A useless activity is one which has no benefit for you in any regard. Neither does it help you in your life here nor does it help you in the life hereafter. Overdoing things always takes you away from all the good and takes you towards more of the negative.

There are certain ways that we can rid ourselves of any sort of addiction and similarly excessive usage of the internet. One can help him/herself and get out of this addictive trap by doing the following:

– Instead of going about an activity blindly, one can set a time period to enjoy and do certain tasks so that it is done in moderation.

– Try to do something constructive that has benefit to you and the surrounding world.

– Make sure that you have physical activities scheduled and you spend a significant time period outdoors so that you also take care of your health.

– Make sure that you do not neglect your family and responsibilities and you are fulfilling all important criteria of your lives.

– Keep some time separate to take care of your health and mental well being.

Taking the above into serious consideration, I believe we should really start taking our lives more seriously and should really start thinking with our brains rather than listen to our impulse and give in to our shallow and destructive desires. I know it is easier said than done but once an honest and serious effort is put in, I am sure we would be able to achieve what we strive to achieve and eventually succeed in our objective and motive.