Your Perceptions, Beliefs, and Thoughts Control Your Genes

Now that I’ve shared the above statement from the field of neuroscience with you, I need to explain how it works.

To some of you, my explanation will sound unbelievable.

One of the many functions of the brain is to watch what’s going on in your surroundings…just to keep you safe. The brain does this by formulating perceptions ( of the world around you.

Your brain’s perceptions are the ways in which it “sees” the reality around you. But…does your brain really see that reality, or does it rather see its “perception” of that reality?

The answer is this: What your brain “sees” is the reality it understands. However, the reality your brain understands may not be reality at all! For example, the brain may perceive the reality as “threatening,” even if the reality is not threatening at all.

Whenever your brain has a perception of your surroundings, it translates that perception, right or wrong, into signals that are communicated to the body’s cells. The signals might say, for instance, everything is okay or you’re in trouble. Without questioning the brain’s “opinion” about your surroundings, your body reacts immediately to the brain’s signal. If the brain sees a threat as real, your body reacts by preparing you for a “flight/fight or freeze” response, even if the brain is incorrectly seeing a problem when there is no problem at all!

Yes, it’s possible for you and me to see the very same reality differently, since our brains perceive our environment differently; this is completely normal. When your brain sends signals to your body, it’s actually giving commands to your cells, thereby controlling their activity and behaviour. Your cells will adjust their activity depending on the signals from the brain.

Now we’re getting closer to the main point of the story.

Not only do environmental signals control the behaviour and activity of the cells, but your own mind-set also plays a role in controlling them. Your brain’s interpretation of outside signals is transferred to its chemistry, and your body’s cells react to that chemistry accordingly.

In other words, your brain’s perception and interpretation of the environment around you determine the chemistry of your cells.

The chemistry of your cells is your life. It’s your health…or your sickness. Bad cell chemistry (e.g. stress hormones) will kill the cells unless you know how to handle stress, fear, anger, jealousy, or any other emotion that produces “bad hormones” (e.g. cortisol, norepinephrine, or histamine).

Now you know how your perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts control not only your cell activity and your genes, but also your destiny.