Have You Ever Heard About the Hormone Pregnenolone?

If you are well read, you’ve probably heard about cortisol, testosterone, adrenalin, progesterone and many other “popular” hormones countless times.

But what do you know about the critical hormone pregnenolone?

This article will give you more information about this potent hormone.

When pregnenolone is balanced all of the other hormones are balanced as well.

When you have low levels of this hormone, you might suffer from memory problems.


Because when you try to remember something or to recall a recent memory, you use this hormone.

Check out the following fact: To make aldosterone, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, estrogen and other hormones, you need an average level of pregnenolone. Low levels of pregnenolone affect other hormones, throwing the whole hormonal balance out of control.

What do you need to make pregnenolone?

The right level of cholesterol.

Having a lower than average level of cholesterol is good, right?

Wrong! A lower level of cholesterol means your body cannot make enough pregnenolone, as previously mentioned. Consequently, this affects other hormones that depend on an average level of pregnenolone.

Unfortunately, as you age (70+), you already have a 65% lower level of this hormone compared to a 35 year old.

Notice that I did not say that someone who is 70+ years’ old has a 65% lower level of memory compared to a younger person. You can keep your memory sharp at any age, but it requires focused work and action on your part.

However, his article is not only about the correlation between pregnenolone and memory.

Pregnenolone levels decline from many reasons besides age, including stress, toxic environments and inflammation.

To remove poisons from the body requires a process called detoxification, which depends on certain enzymes and a healthy level of pregnenolone.

Intoxication with different poisons affects memory and can make you appear to have a “memory problem.” In this case, you don’t have a memory problem; you have an intoxication problem!

In addition to toxic poisons, inflammation can cause memory problems. When you have high levels of inflammation, your memory suffers.

Again, your memory is failing, in this case, because of inflammation, not your hormone levels.

Hopefully you understand now why pregnenolone is an essential hormone. However, don’t assume your recall issues are caused by low levels of pregnenolone. Be sure to check out other causes as well if you are suffering from memory problems.

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi is a motivational and popular science freelance writer holding a degree, specialist in medical biochemistry, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He is passionate about writing articles that helping people live more empowered life, with knowledge, passion and purpose. Jahiel is contributing writer to many magazines. He also delivers presentations that inspire others to find more meaning and balance in their lives. He can be contacted at jasakamhi@hotmail.com. This article cannot be re-published without permission.