How Thinking Influences Destiny

Let’s start with a well-known fact: Your way of thinking determines your life experience—and your life experience produces emotions, both positive and negative, that create your body chemistry. A positive body chemistry results in good health. Negative emotions (thinking), however, cause your body to produce negative chemistry and, consequently, sickness.

How does all this work?

Your body chemistry is actually a signal to your genes that tells them how to express themselves. With positive body chemistry, genes will turn on, or upregulate, increasing their positive expression. With negative emotions (negative body chemistry), genes will turn off, or downregulate, producing a decreased gene expression.

Put simply, upregulating genes lead to health.

Conversely, downregulating genes lead to sickness.

Genes do not physically change. They change their expression on, (reaction to) the proteins. Specifically, genes help cells to produce proteins, based on signals from the person’s surrounding environment. If the environmental signals are good, positive, and healthy (good food, no toxins, no negative emotions, no stress, good sleep, and exercise), cells will produce healthy proteins, which in turn makes you a healthy person.

Proteins comprise a crucial characteristic of life and health, and their quality is determined by the quality of the environmental signals expressed through genes.

Well…environmental stimuli will regulate genes expression, but what does this mean, practically-speaking?

It means the following:

  • Your destiny is in your hands, and not in your genes.
  • Your environment, which includes nutrition and cellular signals coming from your nervous system, and not your genes, determines the protein production in your cells.
  • Having a particular gene that is known to cause disease is not a death sentence: You can change “bad-gene expression” by making changes in how you live your life.

That’s the way the mind–body connection works and how thinking influences your destiny.

In short,

Thinking creates emotions. Emotions are external (environmental) stimuli that genes use to express themselves. Gene expression will determine the quality of proteins, and these proteins will determine the state of your health.

Some people still don’t believe that they can influence their lives by eating good, natural food, reducing stress, taking care of their social lives, exercising, doing meditation or tai chi, undergoing hypnosis therapy, and always learning new things. Also important is having a strong belief that everything is possible!

Unfortunately, there are still genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome, hemophilia, and muscular dystrophy, for which we haven’t yet found a cure.

Still, there is hope, because medical science is making progress every day. So keep thinking those positive thoughts: They’re your best and most powerful chance for a bright destiny and a healthy future.