How to Change a Worrier Mentality

“Is it possible to change my worrier mentality by re-wiring my brain? How can I do that?”

This question was recently posed to me by a friend.

This was my answer: “I can only help you better understand the process in which connections between the brain’s neurons, which is related to wiring and re-wiring the brain, can help you to learn new skills.

She replied with another question: “Is it true that a ‘worrier brain’ is wired differently compared to people who are not worriers?”

“Yes,” I said. “It’s true. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Each personality has different neuron connections (wiring). Your ‘worrier mentality’ is just what you’ve learned since you were born, combined with your genetics.”

Next she asked, “Can you explain the brain’s wiring and re-wiring process in plain English?

“‘Neurons that fire together, wire together’ is a well-known statement in the field of neuroscience,” I said. “Let’s start with the basics.

“The neurons (brain cells) communicate, or fire, with each other by exchanging information. The neurons pass messages to each another in the form of electrical and chemical signals. This exchange of information among neurons is central to forming thoughts, memories, and emotions.

“Firing (communicating) and wiring (making connections between neurons) is actually a learning process. We learn new skills when neurons make new connections. Only neurons that fire, or that communicate with each other, can wire, or make new connections. That’s how the human brain incorporates new knowledge.”

“So, can I change my worrier mentality by re-wiring my brain?” she asked.

“Your ‘worrier mind’ is a combination of learned knowledge and genetics,” I said. ( “In other words, genetics plus repeating the same worrier thoughts over and over again ‘made’ you a worrier.

“The re-wiring process occurs when neurons make new and different connections.

If you want to make a new, non-worrier connection, you need to initiate the process of re-wiring the neurons in your brain. So yes, it’s possible to change your worrier mentality by re-wiring your brain.

“So my ‘worrier mentality’ is a bad habit that I can change by re-wiring my brain?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “You have to change the programs in your subconscious mind. You run your life—and form your habits—through these programs. There are three ways to change the subconscious mind: hypnosis, repetition, and energy psychology.

“What we do know so far is that wires that are connected in an ‘undesirable’ way may cause undesirable habits, such as ‘worrier mentality.’

“When learning new skills, the brain starts to make new connections; it changes itself structurally and functionally. This makes a big difference in the way the brain works: Different connections equal different ways of thinking.

“The brain is complicated, and experts are still debating what’s actually going on inside the brain when we learn something new.

“One thing is certain: You don’t have to live with a worrier mentality. You can re-wire your brain and change it to a positive and happy mentality.”