How Your Mind Can Reduce Your Stress

Is it possible to reduce your stress simply by changing your way of thinking? You’ll be happy to know that yes, it is very possible.

Let me remind you of something I’ve discussed in previous articles: Your mind can either work for you-or against you.

I’m positive about one thing: the incredible power of the human mind.

If you’re able to control your thoughts (and you are), you’ll be able to reduce-notice I didn’t say prevent-your stress.

How is this possible?

Here’s the simple version: The human stress response comes from your mind, not from the event.

And you can control your response by the way you think: how you see a stressful event and how you feel about it. Don’t forget, the stress response is an individual action. What’s stressful for you is perhaps not so stressful for me, and vice versa. Your individual stress response depends on many things, including your upbringing, your life experience, your education, and-last but not least-your mindset. Of course, a troubling, shocking, or tragic event is stressful for everyone, but your response to it is an individual one.

We know that it is human nature is to think negatively rather than positively. We tend to always blame ourselves, or someone or something around us. Understandably, it’s much easier to be negative than positive, but the question is: Can negativity change anything for the better? Definitely not… but positivity can save you from literally becoming sick, mentally, physically, or both.

Learn a lesson from each stressful situation: Ask yourself, What could I have done differently to avoid this stressful situation?

We need to learn the most effective way of responding to a difficult situation that’s beyond our control. We cannot change the reality of our lives, but we have the power of our mind to help us survive and respond in the best possible way. This is how our own human mind can help us.

I know-it’s not easy to accept a troubling reality, but accepting reality is always much better than fighting it. A refusal to accept the reality of your life is a fight already lost.

Here’s the truth: Whatever happens to you, your best response is your attitude, your mindset, and the way you choose to think.

Not accepting the reality of your situation is not using the power of your mind, which tells you that sometimes there are struggles you cannot control. Acceptance will point you in the right direction and move you forward.

Stay responsible for your actions by controlling your thoughts. When you do that, you’ll prove to yourself and to others that you’re in charge of any possible life scenario that may come your way.

In this article, I’ve shared with you my understanding of and experience with how to reduce stress in life. It’s my hope that you’ll always allow your mind to help you make the right choices when dealing with life’s uncertainties. Think positively, and let your mind help you to reduce your stress.

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