Male and Female Brains: Are They the Same?

This is a popular article not a scientific paper with basic facts about the differences between male and female brains. This subject is very tricky to write about, but I will take a chance anyway.

If you believe you will find in this article which brain is superior to the other, you can stop reading right now. There is no such thing in reality.

For many decades, science and scientists did not pay attention to the differences between male and female brains for a good reason: they did not have a tool in their hands to do so. Now that scientists have brain imaging technology, functional magnetic resonance imaging ( fMRI) and positron-emission tomography (PET), they are able to see inside brains in real time to learn about the differences. And the differences are many: hormonal, functional, chemical and structural.

Learning about the differences between male and female brains, I need to admit: We are different! Not in terms of intelligence or capabilities, but in terms of processing information, dealing with stress and emotions, solving problems, remembering, wiring of our brains and many other things! If you want to use modern computer vocabulary, men and women are using different operating systems. Both systems are good, but they work differently.
My intention is to show you how these differences influence your life. If you accept the fact that your human brain is driven by different hormones, compared to your spouses brain, you can even save your relationship! Both males and females hormones will determine the brains behaviour in many ways. Behind each emotion, love, anger or fear; thought, reaction or opinion, is your male or female brain.

Some of the differences between male and female brains are that: Women are better in expressing emotions and memories than men; therefore, they have a larger hippocampus (involved in motivation and emotion). Men have a bigger amygdale, which is the emergency alarm centre in the brain. The prefrontal cortex – the executive part of the brain – is larger in women than in men. According to science, the male brain is a little bit larger but both have the same number of brain cells, which basically means men and women have the same mental capacities.

The insula, the part of the brain involved in perception, self- awareness and cognitive function is larger and more active in women. Is there any difference between the two genders in perception (the way you see any event)? I must tell you: How men and women see the same event is very different! Why?

This is because of different male and female brains operating systems.

I can go on and on to show that mens and womens brains are different by nature, but I will need another article or even a book to explain everything. If you accept and understand that we are born with male and female brains, you will see your own life totally differently.

Conclusion: Mother Nature likes us as different creatures, but this is not something that we need to worry about.