We Are Participants in Creating Our Lives

It was fascinating, empowering: Dr. Bruce Lipton’s explanation of the “biology of belief” from the online “Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul Series II”, hosted by Shifra Hendrie,


Dr. Lipton is a cell biologist and a leading voice in new biology.

For those of us who believe in the power of mind/body/spirit biology, this interview is a triumph of understanding how the mind works.

Let me say honestly that whenever I talk or write about the mind/body connection, I get comments like this: “Yes, we understand the meaning of the mind/body connection, we accept the power of the belief, but everything is still ‘up in the air’; we cannot see the real facts or real proof.” Basically, they are saying, “There is no science behind it.”

After reading this article, I hope they will change their system of belief and accept what has been known for years:

  • The perception/biology connection exists
  • We create our world through a belief system and our subconscious mind
  • Our perception and our subconscious mind are running our “life show”

After delivering the statement, “We are participants in creating our life,” I have been declared a person with very strange opinions!

I understand this: It is very hard for us to accept responsibility for creating our lives. It is much easier to blame genes, parents, teachers and, of course, the government.

By changing our environment (the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the tenets we believe), we change the expression of our cells. Environment is directly connected to the genetic expression of our organism.

When we understand that genes are only a blueprint, and how we respond to the environment can modify the blueprint, we fully understand “the biology of belief and behaviour”.

What is controlling the reading of the blueprint? It is the brain. I will explain.

Recently, I got an email from a schoolteacher who wanted to explain to his class the mind/belief gene connection.

He asked, “Any idea how to explain it in plain English?”

My answer:

Dear teacher,

I am so glad you want to explain to your class an idea that many adults do not understand and do not believe in.

A good explanation actually would be Dr. Lipton’s comparison. I modify it here only so it can be better understood.

We can compare the human body to a Petri dish.

Cells need to grow, and therefore we provide them with a culture medium.

For the human organism, the culture medium is the blood.

Different culture media mean different responses by the cells. We change the genetic expression of the cells in a Petri dish by changing the culture medium.

Can we change the human culture medium (the blood)?

Yes. The blood’s chemistry changes through signals from the brain.

Clarification: The human brain releases specific hormones and other regulators to the cells, feeding them with different signals.

The point is this: The brain will match whatever we perceive!

If we see an event or a person as a stressor, the brain releases stress hormones.

If we see the same event or person as agreeable, the brain releases “happy hormones”: dopamine, serotonin and endorphin.

Now, we have a clear and simple explanation for the mind/belief gene connection.

I hope the next generation will accept that we are all participants in creating our lives through our perceptions.