Revolutionized: The Teaching of Evolution

Note: The facts presented in this article were taken from a video presentation by Gregg Braden, best-selling author and pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential. Braden’s presentation was a part of The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit series, hosted by Dondi Dahlin in April 2019.

I’m going to ask you to forget everything you know about the theory of evolution by natural selection, formulated in Charles Darwin’s book, “On the Origin of Species,” published in 1859.

You probably remember from high school that Darwin’s theory is all about the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in genetic, physical or behavioral traits.

In his presentation, Braden provides evidence indicating that Darwin’s theory is incorrect.

Contemporary science has a different view of evolution that is startlingly different from Darwin’s.

Based on a significant amount of biological, physical and DNA evidence, the new discovery points to something totally different from what we studied in school and at university in the sixties and seventies.

Evolution is a fact—there is no doubt about that; however, 200,000 years ago something happened that can no longer be supported by modern science.

Scientists have been able to extract DNA from fossilized remains. The results of their findings show that we, today’s humans, did not evolve from the Neanderthals, an extinct species of human that lived approximately 200,000 years ago!

It’s true that we shared the Earth with them—but we didn’t come from them. There is no evidence that we evolved from the Neanderthals, explains Braden.

His words: “We did not change since we came on the Earth 200,000 years ago. We have the same genomes, the same body proportions and the same cranial capacity.”

Basically, we were born “fully loaded” with everything we needed to survive.

Science understands we had some mutation in our DNA, but it cannot be explained by a natural process; therefore, evolution cannot be our story.

WOW! That’s a very strong statement.

“We know we share 98% of our DNA with our “relatives,” gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzee, but ‘why can’t they talk or sing?’ asks Braden.

Braden adds, “For 75 million years, all primates, including we humans and our ‘relatives,’ had the same genes in chromosome no 7. Then, 200,000 years ago, it was changed in the DNA sequence. And, because of this change, we were able to start talking and singing, things ‘our relatives’ couldn’t do.”

These changes did not happen slowly and gradually, over a long period of time, through evolution. They happened suddenly!

Another of Braden’s shocking statements.

Braden’s ground-breaking presentation offers the potential for a new approach to, and understanding of, human evolution. In other words, Darwin’s theory—a theory that has been taught for over a century and a half—has been “revolutionized.”