Why We Experience Side Effects When Taking Medications

To explain why we sometimes experience side effects when taking medications, we first must understand what a side effect is. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a side effect is “a secondary and usually adverse effect (as of a drug). “

It’s ironic: you take a medication to heal your body, but after a while, you may have side effects that may include a serious reaction in which the medication you’re taking causes damage to one or more organ(s).

Why does this happen?

Let start with this statement: “The best, and the safest, pharmaceutical company, is your own body.”

If your body is healthy, it produces enough chemicals to keep you in good health—usually, but not always. Sometimes you need medication.

A pharmaceutical company’s main goal is to make medication that perfectly replicates the way in which a human’s body chemistry heals an organism.

If medication is a replica of molecules that are naturally synthesized within the body, why, then, do you experience side effects?

Put simply, you experience side effects because there is no intelligent mechanism in the entire universe that compares to the human organism. When people get sick, they take artificially made chemicals—medications.

Experts in the field actually “imitate” what’s going on inside the human organism during chemical reactions that occur during the healing process.

However, it’s impossible for humans to make “artificial” medications that are 100% replicas of natural human mechanisms that can “fix” the problem.

When something needs to be “fixed” or regulated in the human body, its “command centre” sends regulatory signals that release very precise amounts of the body’s chemicals to a very specific location in the body—not to the whole body, but just to the exact spot that needs those chemicals. In other words, “fixing” or “regulating” natural chemicals go directly (and only) to the specific organ in the human body, where they do their job!

Unfortunately, artificially made chemicals (medications) cannot do what human-made chemicals can do. They don’t even come close.

Artificial chemicals (medications) will not go only to the one specific sick organ or site the drug is intended to influence! No, they will go to different organs with different functions, as well, healing (hopefully) organ A and perhaps damaging, more or less, organ B.

Healthy organs “scream,” Why you are giving me this medication?! I didn’t ask for any kind of help!

I’m sorry to say that this is just how medications work. Along with the healing, they bring side-effects that can sometimes damage healthy organs.

It’s always a good idea to discuss your medications and their possible side effects with your doctor.