Will Wishing Work?

Chuck Gallozzi

Chuck Gallozzi lived, studied, and worked in Japan for 15 years, immersing himself in the wisdom of the Far East and graduating with B.A. and M.A. degrees in Asian Studies. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner, speaker, seminar leader, and coach. Corporations, church groups, teachers, counsellors, and caregivers use his more than 400 articles as a resource to help others. Among his diverse accomplishments, he is also the Grand Prix Winner of a Ricoh International Photo Competition, the Canadian National Champion of a Toastmasters International Humorous Speech Contest, and the Founder and Head of the Positive Thinkers Group that has been meeting at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto since 1999. His articles are published in books, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers. He was interviewed on CBC’s “Steven and Chris Show,” appearing nationally on Canadian TV. Chuck can be contacted at chuck.gallozzi@rogers.com. View his photography at https://500px.com/chuckgallozzi

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  1. kadirO says:

    I participate in most parts of the article. I admire and appreciate the author. I am trying to read,to understand most of the articles and implement positive ideas of the author to my life. But I must explain some of my ideas which I have not participated in after reading that one. Who does not to be healty,rich,powerfull etc.? Because wishes of a human being reach to stars, but power of him/her is as much as his/her hand reaches. So it is not possible to realize wishes completeley. Of course we must be optimistic. There must be so many things we can change in life. But it is wrong to say that our destiny is in our hands. We will wish, we will work hard in line with our wishes. Although we work hard, we might not have satisfying results. So whatever the results become, we have to consent to results. The universe has been presented to the service of human being. But there is an owner of the universe. We must want not from life or nature, must want from the owner of everything. Otherwise, we become dissapointed.That owner can do anything in an instant. There is no limit for his abilities. The keys of everyting are with him and he has power to change winter to summer, night to day, the world to the other world.One more thing; If happiness is final purpose, the hearts can only be satisfied to know, to obey him.

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