3 personal skills that you can hone for FREE online

Building up your personal skillset, and working hard to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, is rewarding, fulfilling, and surprisingly easy to do in your free time. If you want to pursue a passion project or learn about something new to increase your career prospects down the line, it’s never been easier with a range of online guides, courses, apps and videos, a large portion of which are all completely free to absorb and learn from.

Want to enrich your resume and personal portfolio by working on and honing some additional skills? Here are three personal skills that you can hone for free by leveraging different tools made available to you online.

Blogging and writing

Got some insight into your chosen field, and want to share your experiences with others? Why not build and work on your own personal website/blog? This will both allow you to connect and network with like-minded individuals, while also acting as a portfolio to showcase your work to future employers/collaborators. If you build up authority on your site and get a lot of traffic, you might also be able to start monetising your blogs by running ads, serving as a secondary income to your main job.

Alternatively, you might decide if you’ve got the experience and expert knowledge in a certain area to write and publish your own book on the subject. With online publishing tools, this is easier than ever before, and again you can market and monetise this way in order to make extra profit.

Saving and learning to invest

We all could do with a little more money in our wallets, and working on your finances could help you to increase your financial horizons, and build yourself up towards financial freedom. At the very least, by using apps, guides and tools available online, it’s easy to garner knowledge on an investment area that you’re keen to learn more about.

If looking at property investment, for example, RWinvest offer a wide variety of different content on the market as it develops for absolutely free, not only keeping existing investors up-to-date on the latest, but also giving tips and advice to new investors on where to get started, and where the best areas are to consider. Their weekly podcast series provides insight and discussion on different topics surrounding the market.

Learning a language

Learning another language can be an invaluable skill in some industries, helping your employment prospects depending on what sort of career path that you want to pursue, and with the variety of apps and services that are out there absolutely free, it’s easier than ever to learn. Apps like Duolingo, for example, can gamify the process of learning specific phrases and pronunciations, in bite-sized chunks that are perfect for a commute or when you’ve got five minutes spare.

If you already write as a primary source of income or fancy a bit of a change if you’ve been writing a lot, editing and proofreading is always a skill that’s in-demand online if you’re an experienced writer that can critique effectively. Not only will going over and analysing the work of your peers allow you to better your own skills, but you can also gain experience in a different area of writing which will again bolster your resume and help you down the line.