Miscommunicating and Making Assumptions

  Isn’t life a series of interactions with others? That being so, it makes getting along with people of primary importance. After all, if our interactions are pleasant, we’ll have a happy life, but if they are filled with conflict, rancor, and resentment we’ll be unhappy. Why do so many people struggle with getting along … Continue reading “Miscommunicating and Making Assumptions”

Gaining Control over Your Life

I’m all in favor of kindness and service to others, but not when it means allowing others to manipulate us. Refusing to allow others to walk all over us is not about being selfish or self-centered, but of being self-aware. It’s about understanding that we are responsible for our own lives. If we GIVE IN … Continue reading “Gaining Control over Your Life”

Handling Infidelity – Friendship, Intimacy, Love, and Breakup

Nature is a great teacher. A walk in a forest can teach us about life and help us to experience something far greater than ourselves. Suppose you came upon a colony of mushrooms decorating the forest floor, what would you see? At first, you may believe the hundreds of mushrooms are individual plants, but actually … Continue reading “Handling Infidelity – Friendship, Intimacy, Love, and Breakup”

When a Good Relationship Turns Bad

What do you do when a good relationship turns bad? Do you work hard to save the relationship? Do you ignore the problems? Or do you    separate? What follows is a dialog between two people: myself and a fellow I’ll call James, who, even though he is suffering in a bad relationship, has been doing … Continue reading “When a Good Relationship Turns Bad”

RELATIONSHIPS: The Source of Happiness or… Troubles

  Your relationships could be a great source of health and happiness, or a great source of… problems. Your relationships with your spouse, children, family members, friends and co-workers, deserve love and respect, and no one has the right to hurt anyone.  Supposedly, a good relationship will lift you up, not drag you down; but … Continue reading “RELATIONSHIPS: The Source of Happiness or… Troubles”

5 Keys to a Gratifying Life and Trouble-Free Relationships

Key 1: Awareness Most of us, most of the time, are asleep. That is, we live most of our life on autopilot. Automatically reacting to whatever comes our way. Little or no thought precedes our actions. Yet, if we are to appreciate life, grow, and discover our own greatness, we must awaken from our slumber. … Continue reading “5 Keys to a Gratifying Life and Trouble-Free Relationships”

Building Better Business Relationships

Although the focus of this article may be on business relationships, much of what follows applies to all relationships. The subject is an important one; after all, if we treasure our possessions, job, reputation, or power more than our relationships, all will suffer. In fact, the quality of our lives will be determined by the … Continue reading “Building Better Business Relationships”