Questioning My Feelings

A 21-year-old student is confused about his feelings. For the sake of clarity, I will comment on his email line by line, followed by general comments and suggestions. “I used to be a really mean person, but as I’ve progressed through college, I’ve changed my view of the world dramatically.” The way we treat others … Continue reading “Questioning My Feelings”

How Anxiety Affects Life

This article does not intend to give advice on how to diagnose or cure anxiety disorders. The intent is to offer information that will hopefully provide a better understanding of people who suffer from general anxiety disorder (GAD). In reading this article, you will learn how anxiety affects a person’s life. It describes the every-day … Continue reading “How Anxiety Affects Life”

Anxiety and Being Yourself

    This is a story about anxiety and truly being you.  Recently, my friend had a presentation, “Being Yourself”. What surprised me was how he has approached the topic and his problems with anxiety. After the meeting, we spent some time talking about his presentation. Here is what he had to say: “This was … Continue reading “Anxiety and Being Yourself”

Anxiety: My friend with a “beautiful mind”

My friend, who suffers from anxiety, has a beautiful mind. I believe in the beauty of my friend’s mind. She is my long time friend; we share a spiritual friendship and love for the human mind. Since the beginning of our friendship, I knew she suffered from severe anxiety. Please read this article to learn … Continue reading “Anxiety: My friend with a “beautiful mind””

Getting from GAD to GLAD

Two readers (one from Australia and one from the US) have asked me to write about General Anxiety Disorder, or GAD. They want to know how to get from GAD to GLAD, how to end their anxiety and return to enjoying life. But before starting, let me explain the difference between ordinary anxiety and anxiety … Continue reading “Getting from GAD to GLAD”

How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Now and then we all seem to experience problems, for they are part of life. And when they arise, we instinctively realize we have the inner resources to overcome them. If we don’t know how to conquer the obstacles we face, we search for answers from books, friends, advice columnists and elsewhere. But often, we … Continue reading “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and How Do We Overcome It?

Did you ever avoid doing something, such as public speaking, because you were afraid of being humiliated, embarrassed, or rejected? Most people have. Although it is common, that doesn’t mean it is normal or appropriate. Such feelings clip our wings, preventing us from reaching our potential. Because they impair our ability to function, they are … Continue reading “What Is Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and How Do We Overcome It?”

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety in Meetings & Presentations by Lenny Laskowski1996 LJL Seminars Do your knees feel like Gumby’s when you have to get up and speak in front of a group? Do you feel like the next words out of your mouth are going to be the dumbest words ever uttered by a human? If … Continue reading “Overcoming Speaking Anxiety”