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4 Examples of Self-Care

smiling man standing near buildingMost people have heard the phrase “self-care” floating around at some point or another, and assume they know what it means. The truth is that self-care is so much more than just a buzzword, or hashtag on social media. Self-care is something that your mental health relies on to ensure your own well-being. Self-care can fall into different categories depending on your individual lifestyle. For some people, self-care may mean one thing, while for others it may be completely different. Here are some different examples of what self-care may be to you.

Buy Something for Yourself

Sometimes it’s all about rewarding yourself as a form of self-care. If you work particularly hard at your job, or have a busy family life, you have to make sure that you give back to yourself, and sometimes that’s in the form of gifts. Whether you buy yourself a t-shirt or a ticket to the movies— sometimes getting yourself a gift is the ultimate language of love that says “I appreciate you!”


There are some days that your body needs a little tender loving care. Consider giving it the gift of exercise. When you exercise, you release endorphins which are a form of physical happiness. Consider going for a brisk walk, or taking a yoga class. The idea is fueling yourself with physical activity that in turn will increase your overall health.

Hang out With Friends

Sometimes all we need is a hug from a friend. If you’re ever feeling down or like you need something to pick yourself up, consider giving yourself the gift of a social life. Making plans with friends is a great way to give yourself a human connection. Whether you hang out in person or have a phone call with someone you love, the idea is to give yourself emotional connection and nurture bonds.

In addition to hanging out with friends, you should also hang out with family. There’s something unique about your relationship with family members unlike any other relationship with someone else. Make sure that you schedule time for your family members once in a while too. Even though they might drive you crazy sometimes, your family gives you a sense of belonging which is essential for your mental well-being.


A lot of people think of therapy as a negative thing. They assume that there must be something wrong with you if you’re seeing a therapist. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You can think of therapy as a sort of mental massage. Therapy can help sort your thoughts and give you a sense of calm when you’re feeling anxious. Therapy gives you the tools to better react to situations, and avoid self-sabotaging which can be a common habit of many people.