4 Tips When Buying Wedding Shoes

On wedding days, the bride’s dress usually takes all the attention but that does not mean one should not give an eye to the other accessories that a bride is wearing. Accessories such as headpieces, jewelries, and wedding shoes also play a great role on having a perfect outfit.

How will one know that she is choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes? Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing one.

Wedding dress length

The primary thing that one should consider is the length of the wedding dress. In some instances, the shoes will be adjusted according to the length of the dress but for some, especially if the dress is made to order, dress makers usually ask the height of the heel to be allotted for the dress length. Meanwhile, it is always a good idea to finalize both the shoes and wedding dress together as it will be easier for the bride.

Make a style statement

If you are having a wedding theme, you can buy a wedding dress according to the theme meanwhile it is not always the case as being the bride, you can always choose the most appropriate and the closest design according to your dream dress. One can really like a pair of shoes but it may not go well with the wedding dress hence buying them will not solve any purpose. Meanwhile, the bride can always mix and match the colors when it comes to wedding dress and shoes. For an ivory or a cream-colored gown, she can go for a bright colored pair which will stand out and will make a proper style statement. Royal blue or emerald green can also be optional colors.

Heels or Flats?

One may love wearing high heels when it comes to shoes but comfort is the primary thing that has to be considered when one is buying wedding shoes. Being a bride, she needs to wear the wedding shoes for a long time (almost throughout the day) and usually, she will be standing, walking and even running from one place to another. Too much of heels may not be a good idea hence it is advisable to choose shoes with kitten heels or wedges which also looks very stylish. However, if there is enough budget, then you can actually have two pairs of wedding shoes, a high heeled one during the ceremony and low heeled one during the reception. If you are having troubles looking for these styles, you can browse online. JJ’s House has some great collection of comfortable shoes.

Furthermore, there is no rule that says the bride has to wear heels because it is her wedding day. Meanwhile, it may have become traditional that a bride should wear heels. One can actually go for flats if they are more comfortable in that.

Getting more is better

Yes, one can always go for 2 pairs of shoes in these cases. One pair could be more comfortable and the other one is more stylish. One can wear those stylish high heels for a few hours during the wedding ceremony and then change it to the comfortable pair of shoes for the rest of the day. In addition, to promote further comfort, it is recommended that the bride should wear the shoes days prior to the wedding day or do some rehearsals walking in it.