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4 Ways to Find New Dental Recruits

Filling open positions at a dental surgery is not easy. The more specific the position, the tougher it is to fill. Dental surgeries need to aim to recruit the best people because reputation follows top recruits and attracts their peers. The opposite is also true. Additionally, better quality dental care given to patients brings in more customers and opens the possibility of charging more.

Chair, Dentist, Dental, Dental Care, Clinic, Medical

Here are four ways to find better dental recruits.

Use Online Job Boards

The more specific the dental position, the harder it is and the more time it requires to fill it. It’s necessary to cast as wide a net as possible in that situation before narrowing the focus later.

Locating an associate dentist, implant specialist, or endodontist in a specific part of the country is a bigger ask. In which case, using various job boards proves useful. However, by promoting open positions on a dental-only job site, it can attract the right kind of people. For instance, sites like can help.

Look for Positive Word of Mouth

When you’ve already recruited some great people, then it stands to reason that they know others who display similar qualities. Tapping into this resource is worthwhile to find like-minded people who will perform at a similar level.

Like attracts like, so strong performers are loath to recommend someone unless they meet their standard. They know that any bad recommendation will reflect poorly on them, so they’re less likely to do so. This applies more to dentists and specialists than it does a dental assistant who’s only been at the surgery for a few months.

Also, be aware of the person is a personal friend, former college buddy, or they’ve worked with them before. These all mean different things and influence the quality of the recommendation.

Advertise to Find Top Performers

Consider advertising to find someone who will be the right fit.

Using Google, LinkedIn, or another platform can work well to find the right person. However, it’s also possible to advertise in industry publications and periodicals that a potential recruit is likely reading already. A private advertisement there may raise the bar on the quality of respondents because a less committed person won’t bother following industry developments.

A site like Facebook might also be useful. They can advertise to specific demographics around certain topics to find the exact audience that you want.

Don’t Discount Social-Media Either

Social media is a powerful medium. A tweet that’s appropriately tagged can get the attention of people who work in the dental industry.

Searching through a few profiles on LinkedIn isn’t a bad idea either. Plenty of people get headhunted that way now.

A posting on a Facebook Group relating to dental jobs or the dental industry might work too. Mentioning that you’re trying to fill the position and are looking for suggestions will pass as not a direct job posting. It may avoid contravening any group rules and could lead to useful suggestions of people to talk to or other places to post to.

Filling dental positions with high-quality people requires greater effort than just accepting the average applicant. However, when pursued positively, it’s possible to find who you’re looking to recruit without it necessarily costing the earth or taking forever to do so.