4 Ways You Can Improve Your Wardrobe

Fashion and style are two components that may seem simple enough, but once you delve into the specifics of it, are actually more complex than one might imagine. It’s like driving a car and thinking “that wasn’t so hard. I bet I can build something similar to this.” In fact, fashion and have a good sense of style, requires a lot of attention to detail and knowledge in the fashion industry. It’s not as easy as reading The Office Quotes and thinking you can do comedy. That’s why if you are serious about gaining a fashion sense, or having an attractive and unique style, then you are going to have to -at least- know what you’re doing beforehand. Once you’ve read up about what works and what doesn’t, you’re ready to change your wardrobe and make it better. If you’re still falling behind in that regard, then this article will help bring you up to speed. Here are 4 ways you can improve your wardrobe.

#4- Always Update It

You’re not doing yourself, or anyone else, a favor by hanging on to those old pair of shoes, or that sweater that lost its color. Clothes don’t come with expiry dates but it’s not hard to tell when something needs to be replaced, thrown away, or at the very least, handed down for another generation to make use of it. So if your closet is stockpiled on a bunch of old stuff, then start to get rid of most of them, if not all of them -depending on what’s working these days. Update your closet with what’s new and trendy today. Always go shopping when you can, or when you can afford it. Pick up a nice stylish jacket or that sweater that you saw Leonardo DiCaprio wear in his newest movie.

#3- But Keep Some Vintage

With that being said, getting rid of the old, doesn’t mean getting rid of everything that’s old. In some instances old is gold. And vintage is very much in. keep the stylish old stuff that you have. Sometimes something that is worn out, will tend to look good paired with something that’s new. A pair of roughed up sneakers -for example- in some cases look better than a new fresh pair of sneakers! So always go for that perfect balance of new and old, fresh and vintage, both in your closet and your wardrobe.

#2- Make Your Style Unique

Fashion is what’s trendy, but the style is all about you, and how confident you are wearing what you’re wearing. Make your style unique to your and your personality. Don’t just go for what you think other people will like. Wear the colors that are your favorite colors. Wear the wardrobes that you think go well on you. Mix and match garments the way you feel stylish, not the way you think other people will feel is stylish. Having a unique style goes beyond fashion. It shows that you are a creative person, and a unique personality, beaming with confidence.

#1- If You’re Going to Copy, Copy What Works

In the end, copying is inevitable. But if you are going to copy, make sure to copy what works. And when you copy, don’t just take entire wardrobes and style from another person. Take a certain look, or pairing, or piece of clothing like a shirt or jacket that you saw them wearing. Everybody copies because the intention is not to steal, but rather to imitate while adding your own personal touch. So if you’re going to copy, do it, but do it better.