5 Business Ideas That Will Ignite Your Creative Mind

Do you ever feel that you just were not designed to sit behind a desk at your boring office job? Do you think that you were destined for something a little bit more meaningful than paper-pushing and mundane paperwork filing? Didn’t you once have designs of making a living by doing something creative that will bring people the type of joy that seems completely absent from your daily 9-to-5 routine?

These are typical questions people ask themselves when they have inadvertently fallen into the wrong career path and have become dissatisfied with having to perform roles which leave no room for any sort of creative or artistic expression. If this sounds like a description of your own situation, now could be the time to make the leap. It is never too late to change the course of your life and move into a profession that you feel passionately about. Read on for five ideas of a change of career that will allow you to get in touch with your creative side.

Jewellery Making

Jewellery making can be an extremely rewarding hobby and makes a great outlet for any pent-up creativity that you are struggling to find an outlet for. Not only does jewellery making make a satisfying hobby, however, but if you have the desire to make it a profession, there is also good money to be made if your work gains a following. While many people get started by learning the craft from a friend, a common way to pick up the skills and know-how necessary to start making jewellery is approaching a local jeweller and inquiring about the possibility of them taking you on short-term as an apprentice. After this, there are numerous fantastic university course and diplomas available to those who wish to consolidate what they have learned.


If you are someone who has particularly green fingers, maybe you should think of making your horticultural hobby into something more lucrative. Learning the art of floristry is one avenue that you might explore as a way of making consigning your dull day job to the history books. Those who are serious about making a go of it in the world of floristry and flower arranging, should definitely consider undertaking to complete high-quality florist courses with Pearsons School of Floristry as a starting point. Becoming a florist requires mastery of a number of distinct disciplines, ranging from flower arrangement and flower care to learning how to run your own florist shop. When you have learned these skills, there are different directions that becoming a qualified florist can take you. You can find fulfilment working in a local florist’s shop, or you can strike out alone, which will afford you a greater degree of artistic licence and a chance to create your own style.

Interior Design

For some who has a flair for decoration and home design, a career as an interior designer might provide you with the opportunity to spread your creative wings. Interior designers face a range of different challenges on a daily basis requiring them to possess a working knowledge of the structural integrity of buildings, spatial concepts, psychology, ergonomics and computer-aided drawing (CAD). As any interior designer will tell you, there is little more satisfying than seeing your meticulous designs and plan come into effect. If you are interested in a career in interior design, investigate the possibility of enrolling in an accredited course taking place near you which will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a success.


If you have a flair for writing and want to become your own boss, you should consider a career in freelance writing. The internet has made it possible to make money from writing in many different ways, ranging from copywriting, ghost-writing and web content creation. Alternatively, you might try your hand at writing your own blog. Many beauty experts and intrepid travellers have hit the big time after what started out as modest blogging projects have transformed into large-scale operations that end up providing a significant living. While these things will provide a decent income and free you from the rat-race, they will also give you a chance to hone your writing skills in preparation for larger artistic literary projects that you might be harbouring. It is said that there is a novel waiting to be written inside everyone, but you will not find out if this is true if you do not try.


Everybody knows somebody who just has that uncanny knack for taking brilliant photos. If people consistently marvel at your innate appreciation for angles and light and your seemingly natural ability to capture the moment through the lens of a camera, maybe it is time to consider monetising your talent. After you have invested in a quality SLR, the first step is to learn the fundamentals of photography, including the different aspects of composition and how to take beautiful pictures by manually adjusting ISO, shutter speed and aperture. When you have gone some way toward mastering the art, you will have to make a portfolio of the work about which you are proudest and start sending it to magazines and galleries. While you wait for a break to arrive, you can try setting a stall up in town centres and at small festivals to make a bit of money.

There is nothing worse than feeling that you have something creative inside you that has no vent through which to express itself. One look at a group of children and it becomes obvious that it is very rare that a person is born without any creativity. Unfortunately, many of us seem to lose confidence in the value of our own creative impulses during the course of our educational careers. It is important to remember that it is never too late to give that little voice begging that is begging to be listened to. Take the jump now, or you could end up regretting it when you are old.