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6 Global Wellness Trends That Can Transform Your Life

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Everyone can probably agree that 2020 ensued a war on our mental health and every self-care routine we held dear to our hearts. Instead of skincare and yoga, sanitization and distancing become a priority. We were left with no choice but to cancel all our spa and wellness retreat plans and tear down our vacation ideas due to travel bans and lockdowns imposed because of COVID-19. On top of that, we had to drastically change our work routine, shifting to work from home while our younglings were forced to attend online classes. In a desperate bid to cope with all the sudden and substantial changes imposed on us, most of us forgot to ground ourselves and connect with our minds and nature. Now that some of the dust has settled and our new routines are firmly in place, we can finally focus on our wellness. Thus, 2021 trends are all about reviving the long-forgotten self-care and wellness routines. To help you in this escapade, we have made a list of top wellness trends. Have a look!

1. Energy healing 

Energy healing is an ancient practice originating from indigenous societies around the globe. Energy healing stems from Indian Ayurveda, Toltec, Shamanism, etc., all of which believe that the human body has an electromagnetic field full of different kinds of energies. Finally, this belief and these ancient healing practices are trending worldwide, encouraging people to cleanse their energies with the help of healing energy tools. These tools help people restore the balance between their mind, body, and soul to improve their overall well-being.

2. Care for the community 

The pandemic played an essential role in shifting our focus from the individual towards community well-being. The reason is that every community is now more transparent, which reveals a lot of systematic oppression and inequality in society. People now realize that to promote wellness and health, they have to play their role by recognizing these flaws and taking initiatives against them. Racial segregation and difference on that basis are becoming clearer. For example, the Ever-Growing Gap report shows that black families will have to spend more than 200 years on average to accumulate the same wealth as white families. This is due to a lack of opportunities stemmed from racism and wage gaps. However, now no matter what community is in question, people are taking stances to ensure equality and justice. These are all efforts to promote well-being in communities that can lead to a happier future.

3. Diet balance instead of immunity boosts 

Natural immunity has become a hot topic in the current year due to the ongoing debate about vaccinations launched to combat the virus. People’s focus is shifting from immunity-boosting supplements, drips, and foods, towards adjusting and balancing our diet. The reason is that these supplements are more likely a fad and don’t provide any real immunity-boosting benefits to the body. Therefore, the world is once again shifting its focus towards research and evidence-backed practices to improve our natural immunity. It stems from our metabolic conditions, and nutrition plays a vital role in enhancing immunity.

4. Prevention over treatment 

The pandemic has made it crystal clear that we will have to make lifestyle changes to maintain health and wellness. To be specific, we have to adopt a preventative approach instead of simply going with the flow. We now have to take active steps to realign our health and wellness and take initiatives to keep ourselves safe. At the same time, the healthcare industry should shift its focus from profits in treatments towards ensuring prevention. The primary reason for this shift is the massive surge of COVID-19 patients overwhelming the hospitals way over their capacity. Therefore, healthcare professionals and the public alike agree that there is a significant need to educate communities about preventative measures that can keep them safe and away from the hospitals.

5. Nurturing nature 

Healthcare experts attending the Global Wellness Summit all agreed that social distancing and lockdowns are placing greater importance on nature and its value. People are shifting towards considering wilderness and nature as something to nurture and heal from. Therefore, hiking, cycling, walking, and other such activities are becoming much more common as they expose our mind and body to nature and ensures social distancing. Apart from that, people are also starting to nurture nature by taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

6. Digital detox 

We all have become addicted to our devices at some point during pandemic lockdowns. Glued to our screens and scrolling through social media and newspapers endlessly, we often build negativity inside us. The reason is that news, social media, and TV have become a powerhouse for bad news and negative energy. Exposing ourselves to that energy for a long time can leave us feeling more anxious, agitated, and negative about our situation. However, it is our responsibility to set down our boundaries for the sake of our mental health and go on a digital detox. It means that we consciously make an effort to avoid using these channels as a means of entertainment and information for the sake of our mental well-being. For this purpose, you can set down a device-free weekend that allows you to entirely devote your time to your family without the interruption of notification pings and news headlines. Instead, you can opt to connect yourself with nature and soak in the simple things in life.


Well-being is all about aligning your mind, body, and soul to achieve peace and happiness. In this pursuit, people are taking different initiatives that suit their personal and moral criteria. The rapid changes taking place in our environment and the world are connecting us with the notion of truth. If we want to achieve health, happiness, and well-being, we will have to take active initiatives for our own sake and the sake of our community. Stay safe and stay healthy!