8 Body Parts Where Liposuction Can Be Most Effective

Liposuction can be described as a medical procedure that involves the removal of fat through plastic surgery. Many people resort to this procedure to obtain a more sculpted body or to get a handle on their increasing weight. In fact, this is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures all over the world. According to medical experts, people with stable weight are the best candidates for this procedure.

Here, a hollow instrument called the cannula is used to suck out unwanted fat from different locations in the body. The cannula is placed under the skin with the help of a powerful and high-pressure vacuum. Many people believe that liposuction can be used to remove only abdominal fat, but that is not the case. It can help suck out fat from different parts of your body. Let’s take a look at which parts of the body benefit the most from this procedure:

Double Chin

The term double chin is used to refer to the fat deposit below the chin area. This excess fat creates a fold between the neck and the chin resulting in the appearance of two chins. The double chin is often seen in overweight people and sometimes in people with normal weight as well. A simple liposuction procedure can help correct this problem by sucking out the excess fat. It also creates a better angle of definition between the neck and chin resulting in a more chiseled and slimmer look.


Fat has a tendency to settle in the abdomen region of most people. It is not surprising to see plenty of people with normal weight have excess fat around their abdomen. Additionally, it is very difficult to get rid of abdominal fat compared to fat deposits in other parts of the body. This is why many people turn to the aforementioned procedure to help them get rid of their unwanted abdominal fat and create a more sculpted look. In some cases, a combination of different procedures is carried out to eliminate excess fat, tighten abdominal muscles and remove loose skin.


Overweight men and women often have large breasts. Breast reduction can be done with the help of cosmetic surgery in the discussion. After the procedure, the breast shape remains the same. The position of the nipple is also not affected by the procedure. In case the patient requires reshaping of their breasts, an additional procedure is carried out. Even males are known to use liposuction for chest reduction. It has become a common procedure among overweight males who have a condition called pseudo-gynecomastia or chest swelling. The procedure leaves them with a masculine and flat chest. However, it is to be noted that in case the gynecomastia occurs due to glandular tissue growth and excision may be required.

Love Handles

The term ‘love handles’ refers to the waist and flanks. These areas gain excess fat due to factors like hormonal changes, aging, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, or even weight gain. Liposuction has been proved to be a great solution for love handles and achieve the contours they desire.

Upper arms

Some people tend to have excess fat in their upper arms. It is a common phenomenon in aging men and women. This arm jiggle is an unpleasant experience and can look unsightly.  Well, liposuction can help tighten and smoothen the upper arms and help people get rid of their batwing arms.


Most people have additional fat deposits in their thighs. This is even referred to as saddlebags. This can distort the appearance of a person to appear more short or chubby. It is not surprising that liposuction on legs is commonly performed all over the world. This procedure involves sucking fat out from inner thighs, outer thighs, around the knees, the front of the thighs and so on. In some cases, excess fat is sucked out from the outer buttocks as well.


Although thin people are injecting fat into their buttocks to make them look larger and like a bubble, others are trying to remove the fat on their buttocks. Liposuction on the buttocks involves sucking excess fat out from the buttocks region. This results in a firmer and smoother appearance.

Lower legs

Liposuction in the lower legs is a common option for people who want to create a more toned look with sculpted calves. The procedure involves sucking out excess fat and shaping to create beautifully toned lower legs. People who want to sport shorts and miniskirts often opt for this procedure in the lower legs.

At the end of the day, liposuction only sucks out excess fat from your body. However, in order to maintain the new look, you need to adopt a healthy diet along with a better lifestyle. It is essential to stay physically fit to improve the quality of your life in the long run so that you maintain your health and look.