8 Unique Wedding Venues that Will Leave Your Guests in Awe

Your wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life. You want a celebration that reflects the love between you and your significant other. The attention to detail from the announcement to the honeymoon will set the tone.

Themed weddings will have you looking into unique wedding venue ideas. A wedding’s unique location adds ambiance to the occasion. In the era of social media, you’ll want a cute wedding hashtag and a beautiful backdrop for those Instagram photos.

Finding the perfect location could be closer than you think. Or you can plan for a destination wedding and really wow your guest.

Are you searching for a unique wedding location? Well, look no further. Keep reading for eight wedding venues that will leave your guests in awe.

1. Old Train Station

Trains were a primary mode of transportation a century ago. As transportation advanced many train stations closed. Over the past decade, these beautiful buildings have been resurrected and converted into event spaces.

Historic train stations make weddings unique because many have had their original architectural design restored. The spaces are typically big enough to hold a large wedding.

Restoration efforts in reviving these historic buildings have made way for creative event spaces that are often affordable. Couples wanting to stray away from traditional churches or hotel ballrooms now have different options.

2. Wineries are Good for Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Sometimes the best-kept secrets in an area are their vineyards and wineries. Unless you are a connoisseur of wine, you may not notice these gems away in the rural areas of some states.

When it comes to unique wedding venue ideas do a quick search of your state to see where vineyard and wineries are located. The grounds are exceptional, and you can host an outdoor ceremony.

For the reception, move indoors and give your guest a nice experience. Plan a tour of the winery while the wedding party is busy taking photographs. It will be a fun alternative to the standard reception.


Breweries are also growing in popularity in trendy urban areas. Many of these facilities have unique spaces for weddings. The machines make an interesting backdrop.

3. A Greenhouse

Greenhouse wedding venues are phenomenal locations. The open spaces with natural lighting passing through provide a charming and whimsical atmosphere. The greenhouse setting is more beautiful when colorful floral schemes are set against greenery already available.

If your dream wedding is to have a ceremony in a garden but the weather in your area is too unpredictable, consider a greenhouse. You can get the look and feel you’re going for without the inconvenience of muggy weather.

Plus, this unique wedding venue is just right for vintage wedding themes.

4. Cultural Museums

Unique wedding venue ideas include cultural museums. Artsy cities have numerous museums catering to art lovers. It is a great way to show off your heritage or favorite interest.

A lot of museums have event spaces and some packages offer tours of the museum as guests begin to arrive. The facilities are often upscale and perfect for a traditional wedding. Plus the facilities have so much character and detail in the architecture.

Museums are the perfect setting for formal black-tie weddings.

5. Botanical Gardens

If flowers are your thing, botanical gardens are a unique wedding venue. Couples planning a daytime wedding will find these venues a good fit. In addition, because of all the flowers and greenery already in place, you’ll save a lot of money on floral arrangements.

Don’t be dismayed, an evening or nighttime wedding will be equally as beautiful under the stars and strategically placed garden lights.

The locations are often very versatile, and you can go from ceremony to reception without a hitch. Plus, your wedding will be picture perfect.

Botanical gardens come in their own unique settings. Locations can be a part of a luxury estate. Finding one along the countryside or wooded area will have an ambiance totally different than commercial gardens in the city.

Decide on what type of atmosphere you’re aiming for and base your venue on that.

6. Ski Resorts

Planning a winter wedding? Imagine snow-covered mountains, clear blue skies, and an all-inclusive adventurous weekend for your wedding party. If you love the outdoors and a fun weekend, consider hosting your wedding at a ski resort.

The idea of snow as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony is intriguing to some and terrifying to others. Understand that not every person you want to invite can handle the high altitudes of most ski resorts. But for those that can make it the unique wedding venue will be an adventure.

The family dinner, bachelor/bachelorette parties, ceremony, and reception can all be held at the same location.

7. Movie Studio

It may be a far fetch but if you can pull it off, hosting your wedding at a movie studio would be a lot of fun. This unique wedding venue idea has so many possibilities.

Imagine getting married during awards season and hosting a wedding inspired by the Oscars. Guests can come dressed as a character from their favorite movie. Or the overall theme could be centered on the couple’s favorite movie.

Even if you can’t get an actual studio, you can convert a large warehouse into a movie-themed venue.

8. Destination Weddings

Couples can never go wrong with a destination wedding. There are so many places around the world that would provide for the perfect setting for your nuptials.

Having your wedding party travel with you to a destination that is special to you takes the festivities to another level. Whether it is New Orleans, Hawaii or a tropical paradise unique wedding venue ideas are boundless.

It’s Time to Start Planning!

Did we wow you with our unique wedding venue ideas? We hope you’re thinking about how to make the entry into your new life everything you dreamed of and more.

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