A Complete Guide for How to Get Ready for a Baby

As your due date is quickly approaching you might be getting nervous about all of the things you need to do to get ready for your brand new bundle of joy. It is an exciting time but can also be a bit stressful preparing for a new baby.

In your mind, the list of things you need for how to get ready for a baby just seems to be never-ending. Yet, if you really sit down and really think about the things that you need to do to get ready for your baby, then it might not be so bad. We’ll help walk you through everything you need to know to prepare for a baby to come.

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Pack Your Hospital Bag

One thing that you should do when you prepare for a baby to come is to make sure that you have your hospital bag packed and ready to go. Depending on how much of a planner you are, you can start packing your hospital bag at any time. Just in case the baby decides to come a bit early you should have it packed by your 35th week of pregnancy.

There are plenty of checklists online that you can find if you’re trying to figure out exactly what to pack in your hospital bag but make sure that you get the basics.

You’ll want to bring comfy clothes to wear during delivery, after birth, and something to wear on your way home from the hospital. If you’re planning to breastfeed, then bring a cozy robe and nursing bra with you as it will be more comfortable.

Don’t forget your phone, camera, as well as the chargers for these devices!

You also will want to throw some toiletries in your bag. People will want to visit you and your new baby so you may want a toothbrush, hairbrush, and a bit of deodorant before they show up.

Another important thing that you’ll want to bring is an outfit for your new baby to wear home. Obviously, you’ll want them to wear something cute so you can take tons of pictures!

Wash Baby’s Clothes and Organize

Getting ready for a baby is already a huge task but one thing that you must do is wash the newborn clothes before your baby wears them. Whether they’re brand new clothes or hand me downs washing them is a must!

Baby clothes can be exposed to many different things that are very dangerous to your baby’s sensitive skin. They can even be sprayed with formaldehyde before being shipped off to a store. You don’t want your brand new baby to be exposed to these harsh chemicals.

Plus another good reason to wash clothes for your baby is that it will soften the clothes up a bit and won’t be so hard against their skin.

You don’t need to use any special detergent to wash your baby’s clothes but make sure that it is unscented. It is much better to start this task before your baby is born because you definitely won’t have time afterward. Just throw some clothes in with your family’s wash every once in a while and you’ll be all set.

Make sure you organize your baby’s clothes as you wash them too! If you do this task over time, then it won’t be as stressful and exhausting as you might think. You’ll be able to get things done before your due date.

Cook Lots of Food

When trying to find things to do to get ready for a baby you’re going to want to start cooking lots of food. There are plenty of freezer recipes that you can cook and store in your freezer. These are great to pop in the oven for a quick meal once the baby arrives.

Since you have the time now you can cook lots of delicious foods that you and your family can enjoy when you’re busy with the new baby. You’ll definitely be thanking yourself later on.

Another great idea is to stock up your pantry with foods that you’ll need after the baby is born as well. You won’t want to be taking the baby out to the grocery store right away so make sure that you have plenty of food to eat so you won’t need to leave the house.

Install the Car Seat

Did you know that hospitals require you to have your car seat properly installed before you leave with your baby?

A good thing to do is practice safely and securely installing the car seat into your car. Especially if you will be moving it between two or more cars frequently. You may even want to purchase an extra base so that you don’t have to keep moving it around.

Make sure that both you and your partner are able to install the car seat properly.

You can install the car seat a few weeks before the baby is due just so that you can be sure that you are ready.

Prepare Baby’s Nursery

Planning and decorating your baby’s nursery is a task that most new parents love. You can pick a theme as well as all of the baby’s new furniture. Remember that it can take a bit of time for furniture to be delivered so you will want to start the preparations in advance.

You’ll want to get a bassinet, changing table, dresser for clothes, crib, rocking chair, and even a baby bathtub. There are tons of cute things that you might want to include in your baby’s nursery.

If you start planning out the nursery early, then you can also implement an organization system for your baby’s things. Think of how you can organize your baby’s clothes, diapers, bath items, and even toys.

Stockpile Diapers

Buying diapers can get expensive and overwhelming. One awesome tip for new parents is to start buying diapers early so it doesn’t feel as shocking after your baby is born.

Whenever you take a trip to the grocery store you can buy a pack of diapers for the new baby before they’re even born. Make sure to look out for deals and sales so you can make sure that you’re getting the best price.

Don’t just get the newborn size either! Rather go for an array of sizes as your child will only be a newborn for so long.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Luckily for you, when your baby is first born they certainly won’t be running around the house quite yet but it is a good idea to start baby-proofing when you can. This is because before the baby is born you have plenty of free time on your hands. After the baby is born you won’t have as much time to think about all of the things that your baby could get into once they can start crawling and walking around the house.

You can install latches for cabinets and drawers, covers for electric outlets, and baby gates for stairs or areas that you don’t want your child to go into.

Another important thing to think about is baby proofing coffee tables in your home. Once your baby can start learning to sit up, crawl, or walk then you’ll want to make sure that they are extra careful around sharp objects.

Get down to a baby’s level and see what they see when trying to baby proof your home. Take the time before they’re born to baby proof areas in your home so that they are extra safe and you won’t have to worry about doing it later on.

Get Some Extra Sleep and Relax

One of the best tips for preparing for a baby is to get some extra sleep and relax as much as you possibly can. Once the new baby arrives you’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to sleep and relax.

Preparing for a new baby is obviously exciting and you’ll want to get everything done as quickly and as soon as you can. Make sure to enjoy this time before the baby comes with your significant other. Spend the last few moments of alone time that you have together and enjoy it!

If you have other children, then make sure to soak up that time with them as well. It’s going to be rather difficult for them to adjust to a new baby so make sure that you prepare them. Relax with your kids before the hustle and bustle of the new baby.

Learn How to Get Ready for a Baby

Learning how to get ready for a baby can be difficult whether it’s your first child or even your second, third, or more. There are always tons of things that you need to get done to prepare for a new baby.

Make sure that you take your time and make a list for yourself. You can check everything off and the tasks won’t seem as daunting.

Overall, the time leading up to your new baby’s arrival should be exciting and not as stressful as you would think.

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