A Quick History of Vaping

Koi CBD vape juice may have only bombed recently, but it’s far from a new invention and has been around since the 1960s, read more for additional info. The original e-cigarette was developed and patented by Herbert A. Gilbert, and it pretty much resembles what we see today. The device looked just like a cigarette, came with various flavorings, and, most importantly, gave off a healthier vapor.

However, despite the concept being revolutionary, due to the popularity of cigarettes and the lack of knowledge about their dangers, e-cigarettes never caught on because there simply wasn’t the demand for it. Even more disappointingly for Gilbert, the lack of interest led to his patent’s expiration, so he didn’t even reap the benefits later on.

It wasn’t until the 2000s that the e-cigarette movement began picking up steam again, and it came from the work of Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik. Smoking ran in Lik’s family, resulting in his father’s death, which proved his work’s inspiration. Lik’s first e-cigarette went on sale in 2006 and vaped a PG (propylene glycol) solution mixed in with nicotine.

Further development of e-cigarettes began in earnest, and it was in the United Kingdom where most progress was made, thanks to the Sheikh brothers. They opted to use cartomizers and clearomizers over the ultrasonic atomizers used, which made hemp CBD cigarettes far more accessible than CBD vape juice. It became easier to get refills and to use the device, while the potential of disposable e-cigarettes was also realized.

There is still a fair bit of opposition to e-cigarettes out there, and the FDA has tried to stifle the industry with unnecessary bans, but the truth about how they are a great alternative for smokers is getting out there. Vaping is bigger than it ever has been before – it was even Merriam Webster’s word of the year in 2014 – and, along with the increasingly liberal attitude to marijuana, vaping is only going to keep growing.

E-cigarettes are likely going to keep changing in the future, and we can see already that a few changes have been made since Gilbert’s initial model in the 1960s, and even Lik’s in the 2000s. There are many different vaporizers out there, from pens to boxes and even desktop vaporizers, all with their respective advantages. Passionate vapers can even construct their vaporizers thanks to rebuildable and rebuildable dripping atomizers. Moreover, tons of CBD patches flavors around, with different nicotine strengths, for people to enjoy.