Action Refund Review – Legit Funds Recovery Specialists

How would you describe your online experience so far?

The most common question of any online company. How would you rate them and what would you say about your experience? However, if you have anything negative to say, most likely you’ll be ignored. Your review will be automatically erased and nobody will ever contact you again.

There are several types of online fraud. Most common are dating frauds, especially increased in 2020 during the pandemic of Covid-19. Thanks to many restrictions and lockdowns, people were forced to meet online. As per UK Finance, bank frauds related to online dating increased by 20% in 2020. It’s estimated that people lost over 68 million pounds in such frauds during the year. And that is only in the UK.

The second place was taken by financial frauds. These frauds are related to online trading brokerages. In the same year a global rise of online trading scams by 32% was reported. This means that online brokers also exploited Covid-19 and the fact people lost their jobs and needed to look for financial security elsewhere.

Action Refund Review – Who will help the victims?

Now, after you’ve understood the loss due to online scams, logically, you want to know if there is anyone to help. Starting from your bank, police, and the government, anyone who represents any kind of authority should assist the victims. In reality, the situation is a little bit different.

Usually, your bank is giving you a rhetorical answer that you authorized the payment and there is no help. The police explain to you they cannot find the online fraudster since they can be anywhere in the world. And the government is too busy with more important matters. You, as a victim, are left on your own.

We are not sure how or when it started, but someone noticed these victims. And this someone decided to establish a company for helping victims. As there are many organizations helping victims of natural disasters, crime, illness, there is someone helping victims of online frauds.

Right now, at this very moment, we are happy to announce that you are not alone!

Action Refund Review – How to start?

After you’ve discovered the scam, the best way to go out of it is to leave everything to professionals. Instead of trying to figure it out yourself and waste more time, just let experts do their job.

You can contact them via email, phone, social media, or fill-up the form on their website. Regardless of the method, you will get a support member that will give you basic guidance. After explaining the company’s procedures, they will help you book free consultations with the company’s chargeback expert.

For a moment, we would like to focus on the fact that consultations are free. This is relevant from two aspects – you do not want to pay more money and risk anymore and most likely, after being a victim of bank fraud, you do not have more money to pay. So, do not be worried about costs. You’ll get to talk to experts totally free of charge.

According to our Action Refund review, the company is specialized in financial frauds, dealing with scam brokerage.

Action Refund Review – What after?

Once the consultations are over, you will have a better understanding of your case. You will know if there is a chance to get your funds back and what evidence you need to provide. Now, it’s up to you. Do you want to go down this hole and chase a scammer or not?

If the answer is yes, Action Refund’s employees will guide you throughout the full procedure. How to file a dispute and how to request a chargeback. What are the steps to take in order to have a complete file and secure winning the case?

It’s not as easy as it sounds. The file needs to be complete, meaning that all the evidence should be provided in one place and the case should be present in a good manner.

The Action Refund has expertise in the related field. Their employees are searching for evidence wherever they can.

As mentioned, the company is specialized in financial frauds. Therefore, they are tracking the scam brokerage, the company owner, and everyone involved.

Action Refund Review – Dispute resolution

When all the evidence is collected, the process of filing a dispute is next. You need to present your case in front of the bank, regulator if there are such, and other relevant authority bodies. Here is where Action Refund’s lawyers come to the scene. They are presenting your case and providing all the evidence. The lawyer is handling the case till the very end. If everything goes accordingly, the dispute should be resolved in your favor.

Bear in mind that the merchant has the right to provide evidence as well, and they’ll work hard on overruling your evidence. This is why experts are priceless.

Action Refund Review – A brief summary

Action Refund is a company that we can characterize as refund specialists. Since you were involved with a scam broker, it’s important to know that everything is legit. Here are a couple of facts about Action Refund.

The company is based in Israel. According to their website, there are over a thousand satisfied clients and over $700,000 of returned funds. Meaning the company knows its job.

The website allows you to get in touch by submitting a form. In case you wish to speak to them directly, there are several phone numbers you can use, depending on the region you live in. The company went so far as to think of the costs for the call you are making.

The consultations you are booking are entirely free, which is a huge plus. Moreover, the reputation of this chargeback institution is impeccable. As per many Action Refund reviews we’ve come across, the company is highly reputable and holds its position as one of the best in the related field.

If you were scammed online and you don’t know what to do, contact Action Refund. The worst thing you can lose is a few minutes of your time!