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3 Crucial Advantages of Doing Employee Checks before Hiring

two women looking at person across the tableGetting new employees is a continuous process in almost every business. Employees change working stations due to various reasons, and it would help if you can confirm why your new employee left their previous work stations before engaging them in your business. It is best to conduct a check to discourage imposters and fakers from joining your staff pool as an employer. Besides, doing a background check prevents you from the embarrassment of employing dishonest applicants wanting to your organization. You avoid a negligent hiring lawsuit by filtering out applicants with a history of crime, drug abuse, and violence. These are the advantages of checking employees before hiring them:

1.You Get to Verify Criminal and Legal History of The Applicant

Every state has different policies regarding background checks for potential employees, so it would help if you seek a hiring lawyer’s guidance. For example, you cannot acquire arrest information of over seven years; all these you can only know if you seek a hiring attorney’s services. The lawyer will also know where and how to attain information such as; sex offender data, civil lawsuit, and driving records involving a company’s vehicle.

The best way companies can verify their future employees is by gaining access to warrants lists. This is a simple and easy way to understand whether someone has some criminal record or not. You can always ask your legal attorney to do a background check and find out whether there are any pending or outstanding warrants against the name of the applicants. Read more about using a warrants list to do background checks.

2.Access to Financial Data

An employee’s credit history of paid tax is protected by government policy, especially if its data from over seven years. If you want to access that information, it will be best to hire a consumer reporting agency since they have the authority to get such information. To be safe, you need to obtain the employee’s consent before requesting his credit report. You seek agencies like national police check Australia to help you dig the information about your applicant. Remember, the bankruptcy history of an applicant is ignored if they filed for a bankruptcy report. To be safe, ensure you follow the background check policies before attaining the information and using it to evaluate the applicant.

3.It Helps you Confirm the Identity

With the increase in job seekers, competition has become stiff competition has led to applicants looking for a short cut to get employed. A background check can help you spot false identities. For example, you can trace a social security number and search for applicants from sin global security database to ascertain if they are genuine with their identity. Educational background can also help you know if the applicant is the valid owner of the identity given. You can also verify if the truly attended the school listed in the resume and confirm if they attained the degrees they claim to have. Doing a background check about their past work experience also helps you know if the applicant is qualified for the post.

The checks include criminal records to determine if the applicant has committed a crime that can prohibit him from performing some tasks. For example, if an applicant has a theft conviction, you cannot hire them to any post that requires handling money. You can always hire firms like national police check Australia to run a comprehensive check on the applicants before employing them. Also, consider the state’s policy on criminal history search because each state has different policies concerning the search.