Ankeny, Iowa Entrepreneur Ryan Rock Discusses How to Help Your Employees Succeed in Their Jobs

Nearly everyone who works for a living is continuously looking for a way to succeed at their job. A large part of employee success is the employer’s willingness to lend assistance. Employees who receive little or no feedback from management, are overburdened with work, or are not provided with the proper training are destined to struggle. Here, Ryan Rock, Ankeny-based entrepreneur and owner of Empire AG, LLC, details a few ways to help your employees maximize their potential in the workplace.

Explain the “Why” of the Matter to Employees

Employees deserve to know why things at work are done in a specific way. Otherwise, they will not be fully invested in their work. Explain the “why” of the matter to your employees, and they will be much more engaged with their daily work challenges. Furthermore, an explanation of the “why” of work helps employees understand how their labor fits in as a part of the bigger picture.

An explanation of the reason(s) for why things are done a certain way will prove especially helpful when changes occur. Employees who understand the reasons for changes in the workplace are likely to approach labor in a much more logical manner and ultimately prove less resistant to subsequent changes.

Set Attainable Goals for Your Team

Employees given realistic goals are more likely to put forth maximum effort in the workplace. Ideally, employees will be involved in the goal-setting process. Request that your employees draft goals of their own for managers to review. The manager/business owner can adjust these goals as necessary, providing team members with realistic goals that don’t require a Herculean effort. Just make sure the goals set for employees are at least somewhat challenging. Otherwise, team members will be inclined to stop working after they reach the goal or drag their feet to the finish line.

The Tools to Get the Job Done Right

The tools used in years past might not suffice as technology dramatically alters the workplace. The bottom line is a shift in procedures and strategies necessitates the use of a new set of tools. Aside from arming your team with the proper tools to work effectively, you must also train them properly. Fail to provide your team with formal training as operating procedures and equipment change, and they will never come close to realizing their full potential in the workplace.

Consider Implementing an Employee Wellness Program

Ryan Rock firmly believes that if your employees are not physically and mentally healthy, they will struggle to succeed at work. Though implementing an employee wellness program will certainly cost money, such a program has the potential to improve employee health and workplace productivity dramatically. If you do not want to implement a full-fledged wellness program across the entirety of your organization, consider providing a fringe benefit that promotes a healthy lifestyle such as reimbursement for a gym membership. Even if your employees do not take full advantage of such offerings, those who tap into your wellness initiative will prove that much healthier and, subsequently, more productive in the workplace.

About Ryan Rock

In 2018, Ryan Rock, Ankeny resident, launched a general design-build contracting company that provides services to industries such as agricultural, biofuels, industrial, and commercial. With a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Iowa State University, Rock strives to complete any project with the highest quality at the lowest cost.