10 Things to Know About An At Home STD Test

Whether you can’t make time to visit your doctor or you’re too scared to take an STD test at the hospital; worry no more! You can now test for sexually transmitted diseases from the comfort of your home. The technology makes it very convenient and safe for you to test for multiple STDs without having to book an appointment or visit a clinic. Here are the 10 things you should know about the at home STD test:

1. Safety:

Some people have a fear of taking tests themselves and avoid the risk of performing any medical tests at home. The at home STD test kit will make the fear go away as it is specially designed to be a safe Do-It-Yourself option. Although, clinical tests come with no safety concerns either, the at home STD test kit offers an added convenience and is as safe as taking the test at the clinic, in the presence of a medical practitioner

2. Convenience:

When it comes to convenience, there is no other alternative that offers a better option. All you must do is order the kit, wait for it to arrive, perform the test at home, repackage it, and drop it off at your mailbox or during your next grocery run. In fact, convenience is a huge selling factor of the at home STD test, as more people are opting to avoid the hassle of clinical tests

3. Time saving:

The test takes 10 minutes, tops. You can skip the commute, the waiting time, and the actual test by simply opting for an at home STD test. From the moment you open the packaging to the testing and repackaging, it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes. You can get tested before going to work and still reach the office in time!

4. Ease:

Even if you have zero experience with any type of medical device or apparatus, don’t worry. The at home STD test kit will come with thorough instructions. You will not have to search the web or ask any professional. The guide you will find in the box will contain all the intuitive steps needed to perform the test.

5. Simplicity:

Simplicity is key in the adoption of any product. Whether its an IKEA cupboard or an STD test. The important factor for any DIY project is that you find a sense of completion and closure after the task is done. Time saving and efficient; at home STD tests are designed with simplicity in mind. There are not more than 3 steps that you need to take to complete the test.

6. Cost:

While clinical tests might come with a hefty price, depending on the panel of tests you want to take, at home STD tests will cost you less. The test kit comes with shipping already paid. You would only need to choose the best lab online and order the kit. Most of the time, testing companies will offer discounts and introductory deals that you can benefit from as well.

7. Privacy:

If there is one thing the at home STD test has an advantage of, its privacy. There is literally no one who will know that you have taken the test, except for you and the lab. Gone are the days of bumping into someone you know down at the clinic. Your identity will always remain anonymous and you can also opt to receive your results online, allowing you to skip any embarrassing postal situation at home as well.

8. Accuracy:

Research into at home STD test kits like Self Collect have proven that the tests taken from the kits are accurate with a specificity of 95% to 98% and sensitivity of 98% to 99%. Which means that there is a less likely chance of you receiving a wrong diagnosis

9. Reliability:

The tests are highly reliable. If you choose the best lab in your area, you can be sure that your kit and results will be reliable. Also, the test itself does not have any complexity attached to it to make it less reliable. The box will only contain a swab, a lancet, and a collecting method. There is only so much that can go wrong, which makes the at home STD test kit a reliable option.

10. Online:

Research has shown that people are opting for online medical diagnosis more than going the traditional route. The world is going digital, so is the way you treat and diagnose your health. Many companies will offer mobile apps which you can use to track your tests and results. You also might have the option to upload and download your medical information to and from the service, so you may share it with any doctor online.