Austin Alexander Burridge, Fitness Trainer, Reviews 5 Ways Interval Training Helps You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Interval training is the process of alternating between periods of intense, time-limited exercises and recovery breaks as you work out. According to fitness trainer Austin Alexander Burridge, this training method has been used to improve the efficiency and productivity of workouts for many years and only continues to become more popular among people of all fitness levels.

Below, Austin Alexander Burridge reviews five proven benefits of interval training:

1) Convenience

Most people today have limited time for exercise. Interval training offers physical activity that’s highly structured and easy to fit into a specific time frame. This makes it the ideal exercise strategy for those who want to maximize the results they see from their exercise efforts, despite the limitations created by their busy schedules. Lots of people get a calorie-burning, muscle-building interval workout completed in about 15 minutes.

2) Burn More Calories

Burning as many calories as possible is an important key to reaching weight loss goals, and keeping the weight off once it’s gone. Interval training is known to burn more calories than merely repeating the same exercise for an extended period, as it relies on a constant variation in exercise types, speed, and duration. This variation elevates your metabolism in a way that keeps you burning more calories for longer, even after you’ve stopped exercising.

3) Keep Things Interesting

Though there are many reasons why people stop exercising and give up on their fitness goals, one of the most common is a simple lack of interest. When you’re doing the same exercises for the same amount of time each day, you’re bound to become bored and detached from what made you want to exercise in the first place. Keeping your desire to get healthier is as easy as adding some variety to your workout routine, which is one of the main concepts interval training is based around.

4) Improve Heart Health

Poor heart health is the leading cause of death in the United States, as well as many other countries. For anyone looking to keep their heart strong and healthy, few different types of exercise can compete with the benefits offered by interval training. Interval training is a proven way to regulate blood pressure, fight heart disease, and reduce the risk of experiencing a stroke, not to mention burn away the excess fat that causes such conditions to occur.

5) No Special Equipment

Many exercise methods require special equipment or gym memberships. Interval training involves none of these things and can be done anytime, anywhere. The easily accessible nature of interval training is what draws many people to this type of exercise, as it keeps things simple and your attention focused on what’s truly important, which is your health.

These are just some of the many benefits of interval training. By allowing you to burn more calories, improving heart health, keeping your workouts exciting and offering a convenient way to get the most from your limited exercise time, this type of training can take your fitness to the next level.

About Austin Alexander Burridge:

Austin Alexander Burridge is a professional fitness guru and personal trainer from Columbia, South Carolina. A healthy lifestyle has always been at the core of Austin’s values, and his focus on implementing a well-balanced diet with an adequate amount of exercise is a passion he imparts onto his clients as well. When he is away from the gym, Austin Alexander Burridge can be found hiking outdoors with his two dogs and enjoying all that nature has to offer.