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The 5 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Content Writer

person using laptopWriting is a passion for many people. It refers to the act of expressing thoughts in words. A writer can communicate with the reader by conveying his or her feelings in the form of symbols, words, and phrases. However, a writer can be used to write journals, script, product reviews for catalogs, and articles. Nowadays, article writing is more common and profitable for writers. Article writing is all about building a piece of large texts about the present or recent happening, in which there is an interest of people. These articles are published in magazines, newspapers, or online.

If you want to begin article writing, then read the complete article, which is totally on how to become a successful Content writer.

Seven steps to write and structure an article

There are seven steps to write and structure the article. The seven steps are as follows: –

  • Select a trending topic, in which there is more interest from people.
  • Start creating a strong and eye-catching introduction to your topic.
  • Step by step explains more about your article topic.
  • Keep the article as simple as possible.
  • Try to give Headings and subheadings while explaining. It gives the article an attraction.
  • Explain the exact thing about your topic.
  • After explaining the things, fold your article as it is coming to an end. In the end, try to write excellent and satisfying words.

In short, you just have to give three parts to your article that is the 1st part: intro of your topic – tell the main points that attract the reader’s eye.

2nd part: explain briefly about the topic in the middle.

3rd part: the end – a paragraph which folds up the words, and ends up with satisfaction.

These all above points are to be noted for a writer.

Targets for Writing an Article

Remember anyone can write but writing an article is not about your experience; it is about your skills and interests. So, for starting article writing, you have to follow seven listed steps: –

  • Select your niche.
  • Make a website or blog.
  • Publish some good samples.
  • Apply for article writing jobs.
  • Contact the companies you want to work with.
  • Ignore Content Mills.
  • Establish a new business as you find success.

The skills which can make you a successful content writer

As I have discussed above, your skills and interest make you successful. If we are talking about the skills of a content writer, then an article writer should have the following Skills: –

  • A content writer should know the use of various fonts styles.
  • A content writer must not pick a spontaneous topic.
  • A skillful content writer doesn’t provide plagiarized content, content must be real and 100% unique.
  • A content writer should know SEO, CSS, WordPress, and HTML.
  • A content writer must be specialized in social media.

One powerful skill of a Content writer

All of the skills mentioned above are important for a content writer, but one thing is most important and has the power to determine the content writing skills and reality. It is plagiarized content! Yes, plagiarism is horrible for your content. Plagiarism can make your identity and content to the trash.

If you want to secure your content from plagiarism, then you must go for a plagiarism check from a plagiarism checking tool before submitting or publishing.

What is an online plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checking Tools are specially made to know if your content is copied or not. Plagiarism or copyright checker tool allows Content writers to go for a plagiarism check.

Tools have the ability to check plagiarism online. When you add a text to check plagiarism, the plagiarism checker matches your pasted text from the world wide available websites. And the correct and instant results will be in front of your device screen.

The procedure to Check Plagiarism Online?

Checking plagiarism online is an easy way. There are many plagiarism checkers online free and paid tools that are providing the facilities for checking plagiarism online. Most of them are trustable, convenient, and enable you to do a plagiarism check online and free.

Many websites have a limitation of words to check for each search. But the plagiarism tool by is providing the limits of checking up to 500 words in one search and you can do a unlimited searches in a day. All you have to do is to copy the content you want to check, paste it into the toolbox and simply click “Check Plagiarism”. This plagiarism checker is free and easy to use.

Paid and free plagiarism checking tools

The following popular websites are providing free copyright checker facility: DupliChecker, Searchenginereports, SmallSEOtools, etc.

And these are the top websites that are providing paid copyright checker facility: Grammarly, CopyScape, Turnitin, etc.

The difference between paid and free tools is not just they are checking 100%, but the paid tool is more valuable and helpful. It doesn’t mean that free tools don’t show you the 100% results of plagiarism; the free tools are also handy and correct. But if someone is using the paid tool, then there is something good in it.

End Words:

A Content writer must provide some strong words that must be real,100% unique and plagiarism free. Always remember that writing is an art of a writer that provides the reader with satisfaction.