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Best schools in Switzerland

black painted house in the middle of the treesFeatures of studying at best boarding schools in Switzerland for international students

Private boarding schools in Switzerland meet the needs of the most discerning parents, they provide children with excellent education.  Students with a Swiss high school diploma get excellent chances to enter best universities.

Best private schools in Switzerland

The vast majority of boarding schools in Switzerland offer an excellent quality of education, paying attention not only to the intellectual, but also to the physical development of students. However, each educational institution has an individual character and learning style.

TASIS is one of the most famous schools in the country, combining European educational traditions and innovations. The school provides preparatory classes for children 4-6 years old.

Leysin American School offers several programs for study and training in classes of 8-10 people. Twice a week, students visit ski resorts.

La Garenne International School is specially created for young children – children from 4 to 14 years old study here, education is bilingual from kindergarten. For kids, classes are provided for the development of speech, a lot of creativity and outdoor games.

Surval Montreux is a boarding school in Switzerland that accepts only girls. Students are taught etiquette, home economics and dance. Education is conducted according to an American or British program, and after graduating from the school course at the age of 17, many stay for an additional one-year Liberal Arts course. The program includes travel, acquaintance with the art and culture of different countries, the study of entrepreneurship and international relations.

Best boarding schools in Switzerland work according to internationally accepted standards of secondary education. The English-speaking American, British and IB programs are available at many private schools in Switzerland. They are very popular with foreign students. In any Swiss school, family atmosphere is created, which distinguishes Swiss schools from US and UK ones. At the same time, preparation for English-speaking universities in Switzerland is set at the highest level: regular meetings are arranged with representatives of world recognized universities.

Location and infrastructure of best private schools in Switzerland

Private boarding schools in Switzerland are usually located in picturesque places, in the foothills of the Alps or along the shores of lakes. Some schools even have their own airstrips and helipads.

Geographical location influences the peculiarities of studying in Switzerland: the country is divided into 26 cantons, and the same number of educational systems. Most of the schools are concentrated in the French-speaking cantons. In second place there are the cantons, where citizens speak mainly German. Least of all private schools are located in the Italian region of Ticino. The choice of programs and rules may differ from one canton to another, but parents need not worry about this: all graduates of any private or public school take a single federal exam.

Equipment in best private schools in Switzerland

Swiss private schools offer premium quality services. Foreign students can enjoy high-quality equipment for classrooms, campuses, sports facilities. Starting from a drama club with its own stage and ending with a yacht – everything is available to every student.