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Best Smart Video Doorbell – A Quick Guide

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  1. Why do I need a smart video doorbell?
  2. Reviews of the best smart video doorbells
  3. Verdict!  

The most basic function of a smart video doorbell is that it notifies house owners when someone approaches their front door and rings the bell. However, you must be wondering why you would invest in a smart video doorbell that performs a similar function to that of a regular, non-smart one.

Why Do I Need A Smart Video Doorbell?

Well, firstly, a smart video doorbell connects to your smartphones and tablets. This lets you remotely see who is on the door and who rang the bell. Even if you are not home and have left your kids home, you can monitor who is at the door. If you add a smart lock to this, you can even control locking and unlocking the door remotely.

Another function of a video doorbell could be preventing parcel theft. The camera records everything on cloud storage that you can access through your smart phones. You wouldn’t need to install regular CCTV cameras and install a whole setup of monitors for it.

Technology has advanced so much that it lets many of these doorbells have two-way audio functionality. This allows you to look at the person on the door, speak to them and let them prove their identity before you let them in.

If you look towards the higher tech smart video doorbells, you will find that these security devices are equipped with features like AI face recognition and motion sensors. The motion sensors are for notifying you of any theft or uninvited movement outside your home. Meanwhile, face recognition will only open the door or give you a green signal when it recognizes a person’s face from the database. For example, you can register your house members and pets in the database, and it won’t send alerts when these people enter the house. Larger security device providers now also include smart video doorbells.  An example is Vivint, see Vivint cost for pricing from an authorized dealer.

Overall, a smart video doorbell does more than just letting visitors ring a bell or notify you when someone’s at the main door. It is now becoming an imperative part of smart home security.

Reviews Of The Best Smart Video Doorbells

1.Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell

Remo+ video doorbell is a prime example of 2-way audio technology that lets you monitor your home’s security much more efficiently. The camera in these doorbells has a wide 180 degree angle, so you have a good view of what is happening right in front of your house. Plus, the camera has HD quality video, so clarity will never be an issue. It comes with a 3-day free cloud storage plan, from which you can upgrade to paid plans to record all activity outside your door for security reasons. Moreover, you can use its smart technology to set “areas of interest,” so motion sensors can focus more on these areas and alert you instantly when there’s an activity. The doorbell is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets, including iOS, Android and Windows.

2.Ring – Video Doorbell Pro 2 

Ring has an excellent range of video doorbells, equipped with different features and benefits. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is your ultimate solution to home security. The smooth silver borders and LED-lit circular belly button gives the device a very sleek and modern look, so it’ll put a great impression on your front door. It has a 2k resolution camera, along with subscription-based cloud storage and is equipped with night vision as well. The doorbell will require a constant internet supply, so don’t forget to subscribe to a cheap internet plans. You can use the existing doorbell wiring to power this smart doorbell for 24/7 surveillance.

3.Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired

Arlo is another huge name in the market when it comes to smart home security devices. The smart video doorbell needs a wired connection to get constant power. It is equipped with all the top-tier features such as 2-way audio, night vision and cloud storage. It is also compatible with Alexa voice assistant. However, it does not have Alexa built-in, so you’ll need another Alexa device to pair the video doorbell with. It has the Arlo patented motion sensors that capture any movement 1 second before the movement is complete. This fast response time can prevent many incidents from happening. Its most unique feature is the smart call feature that lets you contact your friends or make calls on emergency numbers.

4.Google – Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Google Nest devices have expanded to more than just smart speakers. You will find some great smart home products, including the Nest Hello Smart Doorbell. It has a slim and all-black exterior, so it can fit on any front door discreetly. It has a full HD resolution camera, compared to doorbells by Ring and Remo that have 2K resolution. If resolution is not much of an issue for you, then you will be satisfied with this Google Nest doorbell only. Some of its incredible features include night vision clarity, voice control compatibility with Alexa and Assistant, and 2-way communication.


While other doorbells are just as well-equipped, Arlo Essential smart video doorbell looks like it’s won the race. The doorbell is compatible with Alexa, it has cloud storage, and easily installs with your existing doorbell wiring. It does not require a hub and can simply connect to your internet connection at home from buytvinternetphone. The runner up can be Google Nest Hello doorbell, considering that it is compatible with both Alexa and Assistant.