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Best Way to Do a Recycle on Your iPhone

silver iphone 6 on white textileIf you think your device is old enough or damaged and you think of switching off to a newer model, other than disposing of it, sell my iPhone for recycling. Your iPhone is only old for you to use but is never old to give you some money to purchase a new model. Your iPhone can award you credit that you can use when buying from their store, or you can decide to give it freely to the Apple company to recycle it. But before all that happens, it is essential to have the following details in mind.

1. Ensure You Backup All the Data in Your iPhone.

Information is an asset that can prove to be very expensive once lost, thus worthy of being protected. The backup option is an essential tool to use before you dispose of your iPhone. It ensures that all the data that had not been previously saved or stored in iCloud will be safe. If you replace your device with another phone, it will be easy to restore your data from your discarded iPhone to your new device via iCloud. The restored data will also include the data that was on your Apple watch. If you feel that all the information is well stored with iCloud, you can move on to the next step.

2. Ensure No Personal Information On the iPhone.

Before handing over your phone for recycling, ensure it is as empty as you found it. A person should not be able to access your information from that device. With the setting icon, you can tap on the reset that gives you an option to “erase all content and settings.” Erase all the data on your old iPhone when you are ready to dispose of it. If you had enabled the find my iPhone option in your phone, you might be required to enter your passcode and your Apple ID, and it will give you the “erase iPhone” option. Tap it.

Have you gone through all the details on the phone and nothing is left for you? Then here is how to recycle your phone.

1. Use your iPhone carrier services.

You should check on your carrier to see if it has a recycling program for old or damaged mobile phones. The trade-in program by the AT&T Company has made it easy for consumers to forward unwanted electronic devices regardless of the manufacturers. To access their services, you can use their free mail-in program to reach them. With these services, you can earn some money when you sell your phone.

2. You can return it to the Apple store.

Apple has proven to be environmentally conscious as it has provided a way to return your old iPhone to their store for recycling. The Trade-in program makes it possible for you to get credit towards your next purchase or a good gift for use at any time. If your device is not eligible for credit, then it will be recycled for free.

Apple has made it easy to recycle your device even if you are not near an Apple store. It has partnered with multiple companies to ensure that you can ship your device for recycling. The use of the online return services has enabled the return of your Apple-branded product or equipment. The free mail-in program will ensure that you are guided on the steps to take, and all this information is provided on the apple website.

With the new technology introduced by Apple, the introduction of Liam’s robot has made phone recycling easier; hence returning your phone to an apple store is the best idea.

3. You can donate it to an E-Waste charity group.

Local service organizations such as lion clubs and other non-profit establishments such as schools have schedules for the waste collection day. These establishments may agree to take up your device for a small fee and make sure it is recycled and use the fees they collect to help their facility.

With these points, you are well equipped with how to go through recycling. Your iPhone contains poisonous materials that, when wrongly disposed of, may cause harm not only to you but cause leaching to your farm.

Finally, though you don’t need the phone anymore due to its condition, it is always good to contact an honest recycle facility to ensure you don’t lose your device. You should also know that the longer you stay with your device, the more its value declines.