Can’t Sleep


Do you have problems getting to sleep? Are you regularly awake at 4am, lying there trying to sleep with a million thoughts running through your mind while wondering if you would get any sleep at all? Do you look at the clock and realize you have to get up soon and go to work but are so tired you really would rather stay in bed?

If this sounds familiar and perhaps even a little frightening then you might just have a problem. The good thing is that it’s a problem that can be fixed. Yes, you can enjoy a good night of restful sleep.

First you need to realize that it is your own subconscious that has taken control and is causing you to be awake. For whatever reason your subconscious is not letting you get the sleep you need. So unless you’ve been drinking a lot of coffee or using some other stimulant then the reason you are awake is your own inner self. Your mind has run away with your troubles and is the real culprit causing you to lay there sleepless.

One of the key ways to get a good nights sleep is in re-training your subconscious and teach it to stop running around at a million miles an hour. There are many ways to do this but here’s one I like to use.

Distract yourself.

The problem with having the subconscious take over and stop us from sleeping is that we easily fall into that pattern of sleeplessness and we can find it constantly reoccurring. Because it happens a few times in a row, we dread it’s occurrence and that tends to once again reinforce that pattern. What is needed is to do something that breaks the pattern and distracts us from thinking about it.

One way is to do something that distracts your mind from thinking about your troubles. You could read a book, or even get up and watch a dull show on TV. Late night reruns, depending on the show, are perfect for that. Anything is valid if it helps to distract your mind and also is conducive to relaxing.

Of course we all know that relaxing the body and the mind are perfect for helping you sleep. What was that you said? But you’re unable to relax? Well let’s see if I can help you with that.

There are a number of methods and ways you can use relaxation to help distract your mind. Here’s one of them.

Muscle relaxing.

With this method you lie there in bed and consciously relax all the muscles in your body. You want to start at one end and work your way to the other end. I prefer to start with my head, and get those muscles relaxed first but you can do it however suits you best. If you start with your head first you will want to concentrate on relaxing the muscles of your face, then try to let that feeling of relaxation flow through into the rest of your head. The first few times you do this you may find it’s hard to get the muscles to relax and it may help if you actually touch those muscles at the same time you are concentrating on making them relax under your fingers.

By touching the muscle and concentrating on relaxing you are training your subconscious to let go of the tension in that area. When you have done this a few times you will no longer need the trigger of touch as simply concentrating on it happening will do the job. This is because you have now retrained that portion of your mind and it will fall into the pattern of letting the muscle relax.

When you get to the back of your neck and relax those muscles you may feel twitches or twinges or even noises since those areas can hold a lot of tension and strain. Don’t be concerned about any noises that may occur when you relax muscles, as that is normal. Those areas may well be quite tense and could have been like that for a long time. Also don’t be concerned if it takes awhile to relax your back and the muscles of your shoulders as this is due to the many areas that can hold tension being released one by one. It can take awhile to relax them all as you will relax the tension in one area and then find another that feels tense and then that area once relaxed will highlight tension elsewhere.

Perhaps music could help.

I also find that listening to relaxing music through headphones can help me to relax. Of course the music needs to be suitable for that purpose and only if your not going to be disturbing someone else.

These relaxation methods are only a few of a number of meditation techniques that could help you ease your troubled brow and help you get some much needed sleep. I have more methods I talk about elsewhere and if you want more information feel free to send me an email and I will share some others with you.

Sleep well and peacefully.

Kevin James.

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