How to start a career as a mobile beautician

Are you looking to change your career? Does the beauty industry excite you? Then becoming a mobile beauty technician could be the perfect choice. This type of work will give you the ultimate freedom to work independently; all while doing something you love. One of the best things about working in the beauty industry is that it also suits anyone wanting to work part-time or on weekends to supplement income. So where do you start? Here are some handy tips:

Decide on your services

There are a wide variety of beauty services that you may wish to offer. For example, maybe you love doing manicures and pedicures, threading eyebrows or styling hair. Think about what you’re good at (or what you’re interested in) and gain any additional qualifications if necessary. Many colleges offer short courses in all areas of beauty, so you should be able to get a certificate quickly and cheaply. It’s also useful to read about the experiences of other successful beauty entrepreneurs, such as our friends over at We Heart Nails!

Gather your equipment

The next decision to make is whether you will be providing your beauty services from a clinic, from your home or at your clients’ homes. This will determine what kind of beauty equipment and accessories you need to invest in. If you’re a mobile beautician, it’s important that all of your gear is light and portable. One of the most sought after treatments from mobile beauticians are manicures and pedicures. For example, the best pedicure kits are ultra compact, making your work much easier.

Get your taxes in order

This part sounds like a chore, but making sure that you have all your paper work in order right at the beginning will save you a ton of headaches down the line! Find out whether you need to register as self-employed and how to arrange your taxes and insurance. By assigning half a day to administrative tasks, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Start promoting

Beauty therapy is a crowded market but by getting your name out there, you can stay ahead of the competition and build a solid client base. The most successful beauty therapists rely on word of mouth, and you may wish run early promotions where you offer a reduced fee in exchange for a recommendation. Social media is an amazing way to make yourself known to the world so set up a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest page as soon as possible. If you have the resources, consider building a simple website that showcases your work.

Get your prices right

The prices of beauty treatments vary greatly, from cheap to very expensive. This depends on whether you want to present yourself as offering an affordable or luxury service. Make sure that the prices you set match with your overall branding. For example, if you sell your services at top end prices than your brochure should look high end. To get an idea of what you should be charging, take a minute to do some competitor research.

Join forces

If you have a passion for a particular area such as nails or make-up then why not think about combining forces with another beauty industry expert to provide a 2-for-1 service? For example, you could provide a full make-up service while a colleague does hair. This is a popular deal especially for special events such as weddings. If you’re interested in this form of collaboration but don’t know anyone who you could team up with, see if you can meet like-minded technicians on online beauty forums or even by asking around. You never know where you might end up.

Finally, as with anything, the most important lesson is not to give up. Take the time to map out your work, expenditure and projections and you will already be on to a winner. Be confident in yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for favors. That way your dream will soon become a reality.