Choosing a Watch

Choosing a watch is an important yet sometimes difficult things to do. It must serve the functional needs you have, as well as have an appearance you like and that fits you. Before buying a watch, educate yourself on some of the key decisions to make. Then you can go shopping for watches well informed and less likely to make a decision you regret.


The style of the watch is extremely important. It impacts not only the look of the watch, but can also impact the functionality. For example, a dress watch is less likely to have fitness features. A key decision to start with is whether to get a mechanical or electronic watch. If you are looking for a high end watch that will impress people, you want a mechanical watch. However, modern watches with fitness features or which sync to a phone will be electronic.


Some watches require periodic replacement of the battery, including high end models. Be sure you are comfortable with periodically having to have the battery replaced, most will not want to attempt it themselves. It may also mean the watch stopping without warning when the battery dies.

Other watches power themselves through movement of your wrist or from the sun. This avoids the need to replace batteries, however the battery may stop if not used enough or doesn’t get sunlight.

Phone Interaction

Many today are buying Apple watches to interact with their iPhone, or Galaxy watches for their Android Phone. Fitbit and other watches may work with any phone. Be sure the watch you buy works with the phone you have- for example and Apple Watch will not work with an Android phone.

Also consider the features you want, they can vary greatly. Some are more focused on health and fitness than others. Another consideration is whether you want the watch to have it’s own built in GPS, which means better tracking of walking and running without having your phone with you.

Watch Face

Carefully consider the watch face you like. Some like the traditional hour and minute hands, and some prefer digits. Some may like a second hand and some don’t need it. A mechanical watch may or may not show the date. A nice feature of most modern electronic watches is letting you choose and change your watch face.


Be sure to shop around where you have a good selection and can find a good price. Don’t place too much importance on the band the watch comes with, as that can be changed, however it’s best if you can avoid having to buy and change your band. Searching online is wise before considering a more expensive retail store, although a store is a good way to physically see a watch. If you narrow things down to a particular type of watch, find a site that features them. For example this site in Tokyo Japan carries IWC watches, which is a luxury Swiss brand.

If buying in a store, watch for a sale or ask the store when the next sale might be coming. Buying a watch on sale may be the only way you can get a price that is competitive with online prices, but compare and see.