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Creative Ideas to Transform your House on a Budget

trees beside white houseBeyond being the traditional dwelling places, homes have in the recent past morphed into working premises too. And with COVID-19 in town, people have been forced to spend all their time at home. That makes it essential to make your home favorable for your own happiness and wellbeing. You know, beyond making it eye-catching for the outside world.

That being said, home makeovers can be tedious and pricey especially now that homeowners are working on shoestring budgets. The good thing is that evolution in interior design techniques provides very affordable options that, when expertly executed, can still give your home a high-end look within your low budget. Here are some creative ideas to transform your home on a budget.

1. Start with the exteriors

The exterior of your house, notably the siding and the roof, brave the biggest wrath of extreme weather. Besides that, they are also the first parts of your house that people see from the streets. That is why you should think of them first when planning your house remodel.

Don’t sit and wait for your roof to cave in: Prolong its life and boost its appearance through routine inspection and maintenance. Replace any broken, loose, or worn down shingles as well as any loose or missing flashing. If there are any overhang branches from nearby trees, trim them to prevent your gutters from clogging. While at it, ensure that the gutters are clean and there is no debris, snow, or ice on the roof.

There also are many routine home improvement exercises that will prolong the life and beauty of your home’s siding. For starters, cleaning off mildew and dirt can give your siding a new, beautiful look. Also, check regularly for any signs of moisture damage, loose nails or screws, decay, or chipped paint. You can always improve the curb appeal of your siding by applying a fresh coat of paint, although it’s advisable to consult a siding contractor on the right paint for your type of siding. If, however, your siding is old or severely damaged, it is best to hire a general contractor to help you replace it before it’s too late.

2. Work on the interior walls

When most homeowners think of wall décor, the first thing that comes to mind is a fresh coat of paint. But painting isn’t cheap considering all the brushes, painter tapes, and paint rollers you need to buy on top of buying the paint. That is why you should shelve your repainting idea and instead try out some of these budget-friendly wall décor options:

  • Clean the walls with clean water and detergent. You won’t believe the magic a simple shower can do to your “run down” walls.
  • In case of holes and dents on the walls, you can fill them with DIY fillers. Toothpaste, for example, can be mixed with aspirin powder to make a paste that works perfectly for small holes and dents. A mixture of baking soda and white glue works wonders too. And if you need to hide nasty stains and nicks, self-adhesive stickers work perfectly for that.
  • Hang multi-colored fabric, baskets, or rugs in a frame or shadow box to add texture and dimension to your blank walls. Let your personality and warmth be reflected in this piece of art.
  • Create a photo wall by arranging your best photos in precise rows and personalized patterns and then displaying them on the wall right opposite the entrance. A good alternative to this would be to create a wall collage using your collection of postcards.
  • If your budget allows, replacing your old curtains with new, affordable ones can also go a long way in changing the appearance of your interior walls.
  • Relive your college life by dressing up your walls with wall tapestries.
  • Display sentimental items, like your baptism gown or newborn baby shoes, on a shelf rack.
  • Adding stylish removable wallpaper isn’t very cheap, but it will give you better value for money than paint.

3. Refurbish the floor and ceiling

Start by cleaning the floor thoroughly to remove any stubborn stains. If you find any holes on your wood floor, fix them using a mixture of sawdust and glue. Get the floor shiny while at it by applying a fresh coat of wood varnish. Buying a new rug or carpet can also help cover noticeable flaws on the floor. If you feel the need to replace the floor, maybe because it is too worn out or outdated, don’t worry because there are quality and affordable flooring options for you such as vinyl sheet flooring.

As for the ceiling, start by dusting it off cobwebs and accumulated dust. While at it, check for and fix any sagging boards or loose nails and shingles. You can then inject some glamour to the ceiling by replacing outdated light bulbs and chandeliers with newer, more beautiful ones. Complete the transformation by repainting the ceiling to match the colors on the floor and walls.

4. Bring in some house plants

Living in your house during lockdown means spending a lot of time in your own space and paying attention to all the details and ingredients of your rooms. If you have a home office and you worked online then it is not hard to imagine that you got attached to that little space of yours. Your home office could be refreshed by adding a piece of nature indoors meaning buying plants to enrich your view. If you don’t know which plants to buy, a good recommendation for you would be the Anthurium plant. The plant’s pinkish flowers will inject color and life into that room. Other indoor plants which will transform your space and that are easy to care for are the English Ivy and Norfolk Island pine plant. Or you might even go beyond the usual choices and plant medical cannabis. It might be useful for its calming effect, but you can also turn it into a business. In these cases, it would be recommended to seek advice from cannabis consulting firms who can offer you all the help you need.

If you don’t trust your ability to take care of live plants, don’t freak out because you can always bring in plastic flowers. In addition, you might want to create the ideal temperature for your room by making use of a temperature controller. It will also be beneficial for your plants as they will absolutely thrive in the right environment and temperature.

Bonus tip: For optimal décor, you can use different growing containers with different shapes and colors. Create some sort of personalized color pattern.

Final Word

You don’t have to spend money to make your house look elegant. All you need is a little creativity, better organizational skills, and thorough cleaning and decluttering. And for as much as you can, only call in professionals for home improvement tasks that you cannot handle on your own.