Dreams Can Come True

The Time Is Now

by Sushil Baboo

The glorious day! The day when I will scale the peak of my being, when all and sundry will be mine.  O God almighty, when will you bestow that day to me!  

Ah, but poor me, Why am I still hopelessly seeking?  Have I not been good, have I not done all that is expected righteously by me? Why am I still, left wondering?     

Sounds familiar is it not?  I have said it, so have you, and millions of us are still seeking that elusive day, when we will shine, the day the world will feel our presence and we will bask in the stardom of life.   

Seek? Are you really seeking, or is it just a figment of your imagination?  What is there to seek, my friend?  The Day is there for you, the world around you is glowing very second, and the humanity around you is throbbing and pulsating with energy.  Where are you lost in this dynamic world, my friend?

Do not seek, my friend, take stock of yourself and your needs and dreams and step into this dynamism called life and put your first step in the direction of your desire.  A step at a time my friend, just a step, at a time.  Not by leaps and bounds, just one small step at a time.  Keep the focus of your desire in sight, but start your venture with care and steadiness. Do not try and emulate the ways and means of the others who have reached their dreams, for you, really not know, how and in what circumstances they reached their peak.  You have to furrow your own path.

Life is no pure science like mathematics where you will find constant formulas, just put the figures and as expected, Lo and Behold! You have reached the solution.  

Each peak conquered has been in different ways. No run of the mill solutions here.  The path you make and trudge will be unique but will bear resemblances to others who have been there before, but it will still retain its uniqueness.   

Is that scary?  I don’t think so, Why not, you may ask?  We are each unique in our own ways, uniquely different, in our dreams.  We have a mental development, which only we know about, nothing common, and nothing replicable. Yes, it may appear similar, since there is hardly anything new that has not been found or developed on this earth, however, each path breaking effort on similar lines are intrinsically different.   

Why then are you waiting to make your dreams and desires come true?  Similar to the flowchart steps in a computer program, you will have just two alternatives.  Yes and No. Each yes, will still lead on to two more alternatives, again a yes and a no. Keep going or retrace your steps for corrections and you will reach your dreams.  Simple is it not?  

Simple! I hardly know how to begin.  How to begin, or when to begin, my friend?  Let me illustrate an example for you.  The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest , can be seen from a distance, so is your dream, your peak.  You know what to focus on, but what you may not be clear is, when and how to being. Good, you at least, are in agreement that your desire, your peak is visible to you.  Now, ask yourself, when should I, take my first step towards my peak.  What is wrong with today? Is it hazy outside, or are you just lazy to start your steps in the direction of your peak?  

More dreams lie shattered because of the waiting to begin.  Many people live their lives in utter boredom, in bemoaning their incapacities than undertaking the journey towards their desires.  You don’t have to do that, if you want to bask in achievements, all you have to do is start your steps in the direction of your peak.  

This brings us back to my earlier statement, one step at a time.  Why one step at a time, you may ask?  The journey to your peak is as similar to a person joining a gym.  At the gym, you will find people of all sizes and strengths, but are you one of them, just because you step into the gym.  No, you are nowhere near these people, they have been there for longer period of time, and you have just entered the gym.  An advice, oft repeated in the gym, comes to my mind, do not try and pitch yourself in contest to the other, you will only bruise yourself and dampen your ego.   

Ah, ego! What a powerful emotion?  Yes, it is true, in similar lines to the very many, who did not begin their journeys and their dreams lay shattered, ego too has brought with it many, many failures.  Leave it at the door of your journey.  You are only at the first step of your way to success; don’t turn your dreams to failure by contesting within yourself.  A step at a time, remember what I said, a small but sure step at a time and in due course not only will you be more sure of yourself on your path to success, but will also be more strong and committed.  

Now that you are clear of how to begin your journey, lets us take a look at when to begin.  When? What a showstopper?  What is missing in you, in reality is the urge for your success, the desperation for your dreams. That’s all.  Don’t you want to make your dreams a reality?  Is it not want you want, to single you out in the multitude of humanity?  Do I hear a resounding YES, to my question?  Then how about today!   

Well said by someone, Yesterday is a past, Tomorrow is a dream, but Today, Today is a present, a Present to you, by the Good Lord.  Why not make the most of it, when you can?  The longer you wait, more dense will be the cobwebs around your dream and then one day, it too will be a spot of displeasure in your life.  Wake up, my friend, step outside you door, and see the Sun greet you, like it has done for a million years.  The Sun has kept its date with you and will do so, for a million more years, how about you keeping a date with your dreams.  

Good Luck to you, my friend.

Sushil Baboo
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