Essential Live Chat Agent Skills Every Call Center Employee Should Have

Whether you’re looking for a career change or just want to make more money, finding a career in customer support is a great field to pursue. Call center employees make on average between twelve and twenty dollars an hour, and that’s before you begin to factor in extra forms of compensation such as commission or bonuses. If you’re looking for a career in a call center, there are a few traits that will help you stay at the front of the pack. Here are some of the most essential characteristics you should possess if you want to succeed as a live chat agent.

Communication skills

While it should go without saying, to work in customer service, you need to be a strong communicator. Especially when using omnichannel call center software, communication skills are a must and come in handy for use in a variety of areas. For example, omnichannel platforms allow customers to interact with support agents through many communication channels including chat, email, live video, and voice. Being an adept communicator in all of the aforementioned channels means focusing on the strengths of each medium and leveraging them in each interaction with the customer. Being able to clearly communicate different steps and actions for the customer is key, as is doing so concisely and quickly. For this reason, it’s recommended that you be a fast typer and are able to enunciate clearly when speaking on the phone.


Having a good attitude goes a long way in the world of customer service. When you begin to speak to a customer, you have no idea what state they might be in. In some cases, they may be incredibly frustrated and you might find yourself being berated or attacked. It’s important in situations like this to stay positive and maintain a bright disposition. Doing so will enable you to cut through the customer’s attitude and get to the bottom of their problem. Maintaining a positive attitude can also help de-escalate the situation in some cases. Remember to breathe and focus on the customer’s issue rather than their disposition, and you’ll be able to minimize conflict and increase satisfaction.


While similar to keeping a positive attitude, being patient has a different kind of application in the world of customer support. Sometimes, as you help customers troubleshoot their issues, the customer may inadvertently be difficult, spacey, or unwittingly withhold information that would otherwise expedite the process. In these situations, remember to stay patient and focused on the customer’s needs. Reiterating yourself or explaining something multiple ways may be required in order to get through to the customer. Keep in mind, even though you want to solve each caller’s problem as quickly as possible, if the customer needs more information, spending an extra five or ten minutes on the phone with them will make a world of a difference in satisfaction.

Technical prowess

Understanding the latest technology is pivotal if you want to stay on top of your game in a call center. From knowing how your business uses IVR so that you can rule out basic troubleshooting steps a customer may have already attempted to feeling at ease with your call center platform’s user interface, technical prowess goes a long way in the fast-paced world of customer service. Remember that the faster that you can solve a customer’s problem, the more satisfied they are likely to be. Knowing your business’ knowledge base and being able to field support requests quickly and efficiently is key if you want to thrive in a call center.

The above are just some of the skills you should have if you want to do well in a call center. Being a support agent can be a very fulfilling job, especially if you are customer service-oriented and care deeply about helping others. If you feel like you have a knack for learning different software packages and are at home communicating with others in a variety of ways, a job in a call center may be the perfect way to make money while pursuing a fulfilling career.