Exceptional Gift Ideas For This Holidays

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, and Christmas in a month or so, it’s high time that you get to one of the most fun parts of these holidays: gift shopping! Skip the lines and be savvy about getting your loved ones the present they deserve: go online shopping route! And start filling in your cart today!

So what do you get your loved ones? The array of options are endless – from prank gifts to sincere ones, even funny knick-knacks, know that it will be equally appreciated. Whether you have a deep pocket to splurge or you are scrimping this year, finding the right gift for the right person should be easy peasy.

Here are our top recommendations for exceptional gifts this year: Remember to match the item with a specific person in your life, and don’t make the amateur mistake of handing out the same gift for different people. Because if they find out, you’ll be the butt of all the jokes on the dinner table. You don’t want that spotlight, do you?

Authentic Watches

There’s nothing like a classic mechanical watch. That’s for sure. This is a perfect gift idea for a recent college graduate, a husband that got a promotion or a father that’s retiring. Men have always had a soft spot for great watches, and they will certainly appreciate it if you get them one. Especially if it’s the one they’re eyeing for a long time.

You have quite an extensive option here. Iconic watches like Rolex and Omega will be up there in terms of price tag, but it’ll be just priceless to see their reaction when they finally unwrap it. If you’re looking at luxury watches that won’t drain your savings account, try brands like Citizen, Seiko and Tag Heuer.

Airpods Case

Cute and very personalized, an Airpods case is perfect for the people in your life who are more tech-savvy and innate music lovers. But first, you need to make sure they already have an Airpods! Or you can get them one, as prices are dropping down lately for older models. Or if you’re feeling a little generous, the new Airpods Pro – now that’s a gift!

Almost all kids nowadays have an Airpods, so a leather case will not only make it easily identifiable which pair are theirs, but it also is functional, with a keychain on top for easier carrying. They can attach it to their backpack, pockets, and even laptop bags for convenience. You also have the option to have their initials monogrammed, so that’s a plus.

eBook Reader

Perfect for the bookworm in your life, an e-Reader is like a library they can carry around anywhere they want. Most e-Readers these Holidays are discounted so you won’t worry about astronomical prices. Or if you’re undecided, just get them an iPad. It has a book reader in it, and they can download games and other apps as well.

But if you’re set in getting him just a plain, old, classic eBook Reader, there’s no beating Amazon’s Kindle. In less than a hundred bucks, the device mimics and adjusts the lighting in its surroundings to lessen eye-strain. Plus, the screen is now glare-free and reads like true paper, even under direct sunlight. And for the records, have you ever wondered about sending the gift along with a thank-you card? And what’s more, a handwritten one? If not, rest assured that it is a technique worth trying under virtually any circumstances. You can head over to https://simplynoted.com to find more about how it works and how you can outsource the process of sending personalized thank-you cards.

Insulated Coffee Mug

An insulated mug or a tumbler is an exceptional gift for someone that has an office job. Keeping beverages cold or hot will be a breeze and they’ll appreciate how it won’t spoil their daily dose of Starbucks. Plus points if you give them gift cards from their favorite coffee shop!


Opening gifts is always a fun activity on Christmas day. The excited kids, the dating parents, and the genuine joy that radiates from everyone is a testament to why the Holidays are the best part of the year. They say it’s always better to give than to receive, but if you can have both, why not? Right?