Experienced Coach Seth Coffing Shares Tips to Save Money When Your Children Play Sports

Though you may want your children to play sports, the cost can be overwhelming. With the expensive cost of registration fees, equipment, clothing, and so on, parents can often feel like it’s all too much. However, it doesn’t have to be.

If your child is interested in sports, it may feel out of reach, financially speaking, but many parents find ways to pinch their pennies to make it work. In this article, Seth Coffing will show you how you can save money when your children are in sports with tips on how to keep sports costs within your budget.

Buy Used Equipment

The most expensive part of sports is often the equipment, especially when your child is still growing. Buying gently-used equipment generally means getting a significant discount. Many parents depend on stores like Play It Again Sports to be able to afford the necessary equipment so their child(ren) can participate in sports.

If you can’t find a second-hand sports store in your area, many sports stores have a used equipment section towards the back from trading in their child(ren)’s old equipment. Other places you can find used equipment are rummage sales, trading amongst parents you know, eBay, and Amazon.

Be a Volunteer

Often teams will offer a discount to parents who volunteer their time.

Most teams don’t expect parents to be an expert at the role they sign up for. So, if you’re an enthusiastic parent who has the time, signing up as a coach, part of the cleaning crew, or managing the concession stand are all ways to earn a price cut.

Arrange Carpooling with Other Parents

Gas expense is another big concern for families that live far away from where the sports team meets every week.

If you can, talk to another parent about the possibility of carpooling. This is especially helpful for parents who live a fair distance from where the team meets.

Perhaps the two of you can switch off each week. This is not only convenient for you but also can considerably cut your weekly budget for gas.

Join a Community Team

Private teams can be more than twice the cost of a community sports team for children.

Instead, look for a community team for your child(ren) to join. Nearly every city or area has a community program that offers affordable activities over the summer for local kids. Most cost little to nothing, and some can be counted as extracurricular activities through their school district.

While saving money can be hard, it doesn’t have to be when it comes to children’s sports.

About Seth Coffing:

Seth Coffing is an experienced coach with a proven track record built over 19 years of coaching at all levels, and 17 years teaching K-12. Among his basketball accomplishments are a #1 ranking in the country for NJCAA DII, 2011 BCAM and Bank Hoops Coach of the Year, and 2012 Conference Coach of the Year. He has recruited numerous student-athletes and helped them go on to earn degrees and successful professional careers.