Followers are The Secret to Success

There is a strong temptation in this day and age among regular social media users to buy active Instagram followers. This trend has come about due to the success that one can have if they turn their social media profile into a vastly popular one. All around the world, there are stories of people who have taken to social media in order to share their opinions and ideas about their favoured topic with the whole world. By doing so, they have gone on to build a loyal following. Because of this support, they are able to live the dream and devote their time to spreading the word about their topic of interest. As others begin to take notice, some of them wonder how they can do something similar themselves.

Why is this happening?

People are creating hugely successful profiles on social networks because they are tapping into a demand for content regarding their preferred topic. Bear in mind that there are literally billions of social media users arond the world just waiting for content to come their way. With so many different people taking an interest in social media, you are bound to find people with plenty of different interests and hobbies, from the most common ones to those which are extremely niche. With this being the case, if you are particularly keen on a certain topic, you are sure to find a community dedicated to it somewhere on social media. This could be related to music, cinema, literature, design, photography, a specific social cause, politics or something entirely different altogether. The point remains that, due to the vast amount of users, you will surely find others who share your passion.

How does having followers lead you to success?

On social media, a key factor in success is popularity. The more popular you are, the more likely people will want to give you freebies, do some ads for them or have you do some product placement, depending on the area you are focusing on. In addition to this, appearances in other media can also come about, as well as other opportunities if people see that you are a hit with social media users. To become popular, you need to have exposure and to get exposure, you need to have more interaction with other social media users and a lot of it. Interaction refers to people viewing your profile and its content, liking your videos or pictures and commenting on your posts. Once you are able to get a steady stream of these, you profile will become more visible. It will appear higher up in the list of search results and it will be more likely to be recommended to be who might be interested.

Which brand of social media should you use?

We are all familiar with the different brands of social media. There are numerous different ones and they all have something different to offer. Some are more popular in specific countries while others are more popular with certain demographics. However, it is commonly accepted that the three big players in social media are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each of these three has different qualities that appeal to different groups: Twitter is a social network that mostly focuses on text while Instagram mostly deals with visual formats and Facebook offers a mix of both. When taking into account that interaction is the key to social media popularity and success, it is important to consider this comparison of the engagement rates for each of the big three social networks. Facebook has an engagement rate per post of 0.09% while Twitter’s rate is 0.048%. However, both of these rates are dwarfed by that held by Instagram. It has an engagement rate of 1.6%, more than that of Facebook and Twitter combined. With this being the case, there should be no doubt in your mind about Instagram being the social network of choice if you are looking for more interaction.

Buying followers

This leads us to the sudden surge in the demand among social media users who are paying for followers for their social media account. Followers are one of the many social media features which contribute to a profile’s interaction. However, followers are the most important of these features as they are able to perform the other features as well. Followers are social media users who take an interest in your profile and want to keep up to date with what is going on with your account. They receive updates and have regular access to your profile. By viewing, liking and commenting on your content, they help your profile’s engagement rate grow and this is just the first step on the way to becoming more popular. When adding followers to your profile, it is recommended that you do so by adding two or three at a time as this gives the increase in engagement a more natural apperance.

Watch out for bots

Unfortunately, not all the websites which sell these features are entirely honest about the products they offer. While they may claim to offer real social media followers, occasionally, you will find that the social media users you have been provided with are actually bot accounts. These are automated accounts that are programmed to repeat the online behaviour of genuine social media users. If you are paying for real social media users then you should demand them and not settle for less. It is your money, after all.