GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes

GuidoMaggi elevator shoe is an Italian luxury brand, that creates handmade height increasing or elevating shoes, which are like the everyday shoes we see but with a unique touch and spell on them. Crafted from the finest of materials, with top quality leather, that employs various ingenious techniques for exceptional fit and finish.

Whatever the occasion or event is, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are ready to walk every step with you looking smarter, elegant and outstanding in the gathering, with its vast collection of height increasing shoes, whether you want to go casual, formal, wedding or even business meetings. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes also come in time and seasons, be it winter or summer. Worthy of note is that GuidoMaggi elevators shoes are not only meant for short people or people with asymmetry conditions but also men that want to look taller in stylish and classic footwear.

A study once showed that one in three Italian has a lower limb asymmetry and even the general global community. Medical personnel has described this term ‘asymmetry’ as a difference in leg length, which if not handled properly, will result in serious health conditions. GuidoMaggi has since stepped in to bring solutions offering several collections of men’s shoes, including specially crafted footwear to help correct the height gap between the asymmetry giving a better body balance and good posture. The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are a natural way of heightening and not with the use of growth pills and growth surgeries. These corrective shoes are fabricated with a hundred percent natural rubber; each customized shoe is made to suit the particular client specifications. This is respected as one of the impressive benefits of elevator shoes.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoe has a unique shoe structure, which is simple but classy. Let’s take a peek at this unique shoe structure.

  1. Heel counter and toe cap: this impressive design is crafted with high-quality material that ensures your comfort. Although when worn, the heels are slightly higher than the toes but this is not visibly noticed as it is super comfortable to wear.
  2. Cushioning system: this ensures also comfort and air space in and out of the shoe. The air space are made so as to reduce deterioration of the shoe and to allow ease of movement.
  3. Long term investment: the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes can be considered as a long investment because the shoes are always durable with a long-lasting impression. The soles do not wear off easily and when it does, it can be easily repaired and used again.

These shoes are crafted to be elegant, lightweight, and above all made comfortable. The manufacturers are fashion conscious and very versatile in the creation of designs of the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. The brand is known to be one of the best designers of elevator shoes around the world as they produce top quality handmade shoes of different types ranging from loafers, sneakers, boots, and even dress shoes. brand possesses the best customer service because they respond timely, and once an order is received, delivery is made within 24 hours or more. Insoles or shoe inserts, as they are sometimes called, are used for the increasing of the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. They are responsible for the heightening of these shoes. The insoles come in different thickness, and it is also removable.